The Parson Red Heads plus a new one from TK Webb (The Social Registry, Nov. 21)

The Parson Red Heads seem happy, genuinly happy. Their sunny California folk-pop is in direct contrast to the dingier, darker freak-folk of Devendra et al. It actually seems to be a rebellion against that scene. The band acts like a family (not your dysfunctional family!) even going to the extent of naming band members with cute nicknames. As you can see from the photo this is another one of those large bands, they’ve even added a new member. So expect their sound to only improve and grow.

The song below is from the 2006 ep release Field Mouse Carnival (the west coast blog

Fabulist beat me to the punch with this band but “Burning Up The Sky” is exclusive to Songs:Illinois). The band is already readying a full length followup entitled King Giraffe; both the ep and the new one will be available on Yukon Records. Expect even more handclaps, beautiful backing vocals (consisting of some combination of oh la la), and a fuller, more produced sound.Burning Up The Sky [Download]


Now back to the other coast and the lower east side’s own TK Webb. I’ve written about TK before (and his oddball label The Social Registry) here. TK has a new record coming out November 21st called Phantom Parade. The title track from it hints that it’ll be something special. Phantom Parade has been called psychedelic americana which is fairly accurate as TK Webb infuses his music with blues, country and 60′s era musical drugginess. You’ll be able to order this soon from here until then email them and beg –

Phantom Parade [Download]
(highly rec’d)


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  1. SnowGlobeUniverse says:

    Nice post on the Parson Redheads, Craig. They are definitely a personal fave here. I had the choice last month of choosing between seeing them or Kite Flying Society and a friend’s band. I had to go with the friendship that evening and skip the Redheads :-(. Check out my post on the gang here: