Barton Carroll’s new record "Love & War" (Skybucket Records, Oct 17)

Barton Carroll’s new record is 5 years old so don’t say I only ever write about new releases. The new/old record is simply called Love & War and comes out on Oct. 17 on Skybucket Records. Barton’s best known as one of the key players in Crooked Fingers. As a solo artist he mines some of that groups psych folk but on a smaller musical scale. The ingredients of which are a quavering voice, finger picked guitar and surreal, often gothic (or perhaps Victorian) lyrics (“your eyes are cradled by shadows”).

An Aquarium Drunkard and Said The gramophone have already said their piece on this record but it’s certainly not been a deluge of praise as of yet. “Small Thing” has not been linked to yet and is said to be the emotional centerpiece of the record. It’s based partly on a book Barton’s mother co-wrote about a girl living in Berlin during the 1945 Soviet occupation. The heartbreaking line “I was a child, I was on the wrong side, I was broken in by broken men with drained eyes, war sleeps deep in a man long after guns are gone, he loses care for small things and I, I was a small thing.” Although written in 2001 and covering the time of WWII, it’s sad to think some Iraqi girl could be thinking some of these same thoughts or experiencing some of these same horrors today. Purchase Love & War here.

Small Things [Download]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    good record. skybucket knows where its at.