New song from the Thomas Matheson Band

Earlier today I wrote about Canadian Leeroy Stagger, I thought I’d follow that post up with a short introductory post on another Canadian band. Thomas Matheson Band is about to release their new full length cd. I’ll call it their debut since their 2003 release was very diy and seems more like a demo or a long ep. Here’s a song from the new record. It’s very radio ready (which I usually see as a negative) but has just enough of a Tom Petty, Jayhawks and Nick Drake vibe to make it interesting. Someone to watch.

Beechill Mercy [Download]


One Response to “New song from the Thomas Matheson Band”

  1. Ian Finley says:

    Hey man,

    You were our first piece of press! We have changed our name since then and released an EP. We are now called The Matavaras. Feel free to send your snail mail and we’ll send you a copy. We have had our songs featured on Global TV, we’ve charted on Canadian college radio and we’ve been hand picked to open for Great Northern next week and we are featured at the International Pop Overthrow Festival in November. Keep in touch.