New songs from Denison Witmer from "Safe Away" (Militia Group, Oct. 17)

I guess Denison Witmer’s been compared to both Sufjan Stevens and Jose Gonzalez. There is a Sufjan connection as they’ve played on each other’s records. And the Jose connection makes some sense too since he also is one of the few Americans with a record deal with a Swedish label (Bad Taste). In the US his upcoming record, Safe Away, is being put out by MilitiaGroup Records on Oct 17. I’ve written about him before here and here.

Safe Away is actually a re-release of his debut record recorded in 1998 so he probably predates both those artists mentioned above. The re-release is actually a 2 disc set with the second disc being the Are You A Sleeper? ep. Here’s a song from each; first a stripped down song from the re-release of his debut and next a new song from the ep. If you like your indie folk gentle yet atmospheric, sentimental yet somehow realistic, dreamy but also down to earth then pre-order it here.

Breathe In this LifePostcard Song [Download]

Bonus Neil Young cover

Love In Mind [Download]

Denison live in the studio in Sweden performing “California Brown and Blue”


3 Responses to “New songs from Denison Witmer from "Safe Away" (Militia Group, Oct. 17)”

  1. Kevin says:

    If you listen closely to the first track you’ll hear the talented and unique sound of Don Peris of The Innocence Mission on guitar. Don produced Denison’s debut and has played on numerous other releases of Denison’s as well. I guess they are very close friends, sharing the same birth/hometown of Lancaster, PA at one point (Denison now calls Philly home, but is on the road most of the year). Denison is also very tight with Sufjan and Rosie Thomas, as well as the recent Philadelphia transplant, Carl Johns, better known to most of us as Charlemagne. Here’s hoping that maybe they all could do an album together or at least a tour someday in the future.

    *side note: Denison is very soon to turn the big 3-0 and plans on offering his fans 30 free downloads of re-recorded tracks from his catalog for fans, hosted by Denison at a yet disclosed website. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one!

  2. HCJoel says:

    Kevin, how do you know about Denison’s plans for his thirtieth?! I’ve been a fan of Denison’s for years and have been fortunate to become an acquaintance with the man. I haven’t heard that plan but am thrilled if it comes true. I had the original release of ‘Safe Away’ before the BTV re-release and now, of course, will purchase this second re-release. Now, if only Denison would let us hear his first tape…
    I can’t wait for the album of Denison, Rosie and Sufjan together. Get Damien Jurado in there and all of my favourites would be on one disc.