If you have only catch one showcase at CMJ…

You’d be pretty stupid to miss the Hush Records showcase Nov. 1 at the Living Room In NYC. Sure you’d miss Casey Dienel, Laura Gibson and Shelley Short but you’d also miss out on Jeff London. The two songs below are taken from Jeff’s new record Harm’s Way that he will be releasing himself sometime this year (or pick it up at the showcase).While the production is circumspect (but we like that right?) the songs are concise bits of poetry accompanied by piano, cello and guitar.ClingingPeople Watching [Download]

Bonus Hush songs from showcasing artists:

Laura Gibson –

Hands In PocketsCasey Dienel – Doctor MonroeJeff London – Long IslandShelley Short – Like Anything It’s SmallSuper XX Man – September NovemberToothfairy – Kicked Outta The Band [Download]


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  1. Guy Barry says:

    Hey whats with all the names?