New Herman Dune video courtesy of La Blogotheque

I think I may be jumping the gun on La Blogotheque’s great homemade video of Herman Dune perfoming two songs on the streets of Paris but I don’t think he’d mind. His video series is as special as anything on the web. He has documented bands like Ramona Cordova, Doveman, Okkervill River and Xiu Xiu. The videos are as low-fi as the music but it’s the capturing of these little moments and not the quality of the actual feed that’s so important.

Here’s Herman Dune performing two songs (“123 Apple Tree” and “I Wish That I Could See You”). Hang in there and make sure you stick around for the 2nd half of “I Wish…” The new Herman Dune record, Giant, should see the light of day in the states in early 2007 with a tour to follow.

Here’s the director’s introductory comments:

“It was 7 P.M. My street was waking up, people coming home from work, doing laundry, buying bread for dinner. And among them, Neman and David-Ivar Herman Dune played two songs, naturally. Their music was part of this life, part of the flow, as if it was normal, natural, having two guys playing music in this hour of everyday life.”

Herman Dune


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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is excellent…my laundrymat adventures
    are never so lovely.