New songs, video, album from Tim Finn (Split Endz, Crowded House)

I don’t have any hard and fast opinions on the band Split Endz. I don’t know if Neil Finn or Tim Finn was a better singer, songwriter or musician. I was a casual fan of the band. But like their brethen Squeeze, Yaz and Crowded House, Split Endz provided the pop music that some in my generation gravitated towards. Tim is now ancient and more closely resembles a member of Monty Python or an extra on a Johnny Depp film than a talented songwriter with an expertly crafted pop record about to be released.

The single (and video) “Couldn’t Be Done” from Imaginary Kingdom is a great piece of bouncy pop. If all was right in the world this would be a big hit. Since neither Tim nor the label have released that mp3 yet, I’ll link to two album tracks that show the whole record is a fun outing that wouldn’t be too out of place in the Split Endz catalog. Both songs feature lush arrangements with slightly fantastical lyrics (dreams, stars, ocean metaphors etc). This record just came out in the Uk and NZ so I don’t think you can buy it in the states yet but try anyway here.

Midnight ComaUnsinkable [Download]

Video for the single “Couldn’t Be You”

Finn Brothers’ “Won’t Give In” (I love this song!)


4 Responses to “New songs, video, album from Tim Finn (Split Endz, Crowded House)”

  1. Neil says:

    I dunno about musician, but Neil is the better singer and songwriter. The consistent quality of his output is remarkable. But the second Finn Brothers album (from which “Won’t Give In” comes), is, I think, the best thing either of them has ever done. It’s a great, great album.

  2. Paul in Uk says:

    I don’t think it’s as black and white as you make out. Tim has been making quality records since the beginning of Split Enz in 1974 well before Neil came on board in 1977. Tim’s solo career has resulted in a number of interesting albums, indeed I would argue that “Feeding The Gods” has been Tim’s best solo record since “Tim Finn”, FTG being the last album before IK – so he has the long term quality. Tim’s song writing contribution to Crowded House’s Woodface made it the quality album that was so succesful around the world. The recent Australian Reformation Tour shows that quality in the Finns work has always been appreciated by their fans. I’m not sure that Neil’s two solo albums to date have this consistent quality that existed in the Crowded House catalogue.

    I’d still see both of them well above most of what passes for quailty music, their live shows are always great, with great fans and fanclub Frenz Of The Enz.


  3. Neil says:

    Paul, I guess we’d just have to agree to disagree (except for your last paragraph, with which I wholeheartedly agree). I like _Tim Finn_ and _Before & After_ very much, but haven’t been as impressed with the other Tim Finn solo stuff or to the _ALT_ project. But I’m a big fan of pretty much everything that Neil’s done. (Nic Harcourt wrote in _Paste_ after _Everyone Is Here_ came out that Neil Finn might be the best pop songwriter since Lennon/McCartney and I’m pretty sure I agree.)

    Of course, if you wanted to say that neither of them alone has done as well as when they are together (in Split Enz, on _Woodface_, and on _Everyone Is Here_), I would certainly be open to that argument.

  4. Anonymous says:


    What about BIG CANOE??

    It’s better than either of Neil’s albums.

    I loved Split Enz & Crowded House, but Neil’s solo albums aren’t as good. The last Enz album wasn’t that good either.