Ramsay Midwood update and a new Luke Doucet video and US release date

Ramsay Midwood contacted me after my recent post about his upcoming record and I’m afraid I got a few things wrong and a couple right. There is a new record and it’ll be out soon but the version of the song that I posted will not be on it. This will be instead. Contact the label (farmwire@yahoo.com) to pre-order the upcoming release Popular Delusions and the Madness of Cows.

Planet Nixon [Download]
(album version)

Video for “Esther” (with Kip Boardman, Mike Stinson, and Randy Weeks)


In somewhat unrelated news and still on the Canadian tip: Luke Doucet will be releasing his 2005 Canadian release Broken (and other rogue states) in the U.S. next month through Red
Eye Distribution. He’ll play three week long residencies in Chicago, New York and LA in the next month or so, check his tour dates and catch him if you can. Here’s the cinematic video for his song “Free”.

Free (stream) or Free (download)


2 Responses to “Ramsay Midwood update and a new Luke Doucet video and US release date”

  1. Anonymous says:

    best canadian songwriter is Kyp harness! just ask Ron sexsmith…

  2. Eric Z. says:

    If you haven’t heard her, check out Melissa McClelland (the new Mrs. Luke D.). She released a record earlier this year in Canada – on the pop side, production-wise, but epic – 70 minutes, with a bunch of really good songs.