Double bill/post of Nels Andrews and AJ Roach

Last time I wrote about AJ Roach I focused on his Appalachian roots and I assumed he was just another rural folk artist. A commenter on that last post pointed out that he’s actually very high tech since he was partly responsible for the special effects in the Matrix (here’s the proof).

AJ’s new record, revelation, is out now in Europe and will be released in the US in the spring of 07. These two songs are from it. The sound on these two blur the line between indie folk and traditional folk. In fact “Devil May Dance” wouldn’t have been out of place on the Donnie Darko soundtrack somewhere next to Gary Jules’ take on Mad Mad World.

Devil May DanceSears and Roebuck Suit [Download]

Nels Andrews is on the bill with AJ on many of his upcoming European tour dates. Nels is a Kerrville folk fest award winner and made one of the truly great (surprise) roots records of 2004/5 with Sunday Shoes. Here’s a song from that record, what a great double bill!

denim scarecrow [Download]


2 Responses to “Double bill/post of Nels Andrews and AJ Roach”

  1. Autopsy IV says:

    Wow…that Devil May Dance song is great!

  2. John says:

    You’re on a roll, Craig. Just picked up an AJ Roach bootleg the other day. Keep it up.