Everthus The Deadbeat – Addicts Stuck In Traffic (Standard Recording Company, Nov. 28)

Just for a second pretend you’re reading MOKB, GVB or YANP (linking to the boys in a lame attempt to get these crazy kids a little more pub). Imagine you just read the week in the NFL wrapup or a concert review/preview of some great show in Austin or an anti-Zune review. Imagine you’re sitting on the edge of your swivel chair in the hopes of finding the next big thing. And then imagine you’re reading about this band – Everthus The Deadbeat. They record for the Indianapolis label Standard Recording Company. You now, the ones who first brought you Margot and the Nuclear So And So’s. Anyway back to Everthus. They have a disarming sound that is equal parts the Stranglers, Tilly And The Wall and the soundtrack from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

A release like this is never going to show up on any of the Tuesday new release lists. So it’s autimatically not going to be mentioned by a hundred different bloggers. It’s not going to sell enough copies out of the gate to appear on any best sellers list and it doesn’t appear that the label has signed up Fanatic or Team Clermont to bribe college kids with swag so they probably won’t make it very far up the CMJ charts. But they should do all of these things. So get your jazz hands out and enjoy these two tracks from the their new EP. Buy their new EP, Addicts Stuck In Traffic, here now.

Trevor Dust The BedsheetsSome Terrys [Download]

Can I just say one final thing and now I’m really gonna sound like Dodge (talkin’ smack about TV). I love The Office. And while it was still a great episode last night the product placements were egregious and blatant. Perhaps they were going fo ironic product placement but it didn’t work. The Staples plugs were relentless and unfunny. It was so clear they went into the writers room and asked to include these plugs in this special supersized episode. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when this was pitched to the producers. I hope they had at least showed a little backbone and put up a good fight.


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  1. zincink says:

    i’m always and forever stuck in traffic. :(