Romi Mayes – Canadian "coutry bourbon bluegrass" (plus Antje Duvekot)

Gurf Morlix produced Manitoban singer-songwriter Romi Mayes new (ms) record Sweet Somethin Steady and on it is her unique take on “country bourbon bluegrass”. Due to the fact that Gurf produced this and that she’s a woman singing country songs about booze and boys it’s hard not to compare her to Mary Gauthier and Lucinda Williams. But in both cases the comparison doesn’t quite work. She doesn’t have the gothic despair that Mary clings too nor does she have the ciggarette and whisky huskiness and electric blues that Lucinda favors. However if you were to add her to a mix tape with those two and other female leaders of the new alt-country scene she’d fit right in.

Sweet Somethin Steady was just released in October and Romi will be touring hard behind it, including dates in Texas and the south with Gurf Morlix, Hayes Carll, Sam Baker and Adam Carroll. They say she’s a sight for sore eyes live and in concert, so check her website for tour dates.

Sweet Somethin SteadyDesperately [Download]

P.S. I’ve wanted to write about Boston singer songwriter by way of Germay, Antje Duvekot but have never been able to get permission. As a half measure then here’s the video of her delightful song “Dandelion” as performed at the folk mecca Club Passim in Cambridge, Ma.


2 Responses to “Romi Mayes – Canadian "coutry bourbon bluegrass" (plus Antje Duvekot)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i’m pretty sure antje is german.

  2. jackscrow says:

    I think Romi is ?married? to Dan Walsh, who graduated from Fred (THE FRED) Eaglesmith’s band, the Flying Squirrels.

    Being a Fred-Head, I’ll have to check it out.