**REPOST** Amazing demo’s from Soft Hearted Scientists (My Kung Fu Records, unreleased)(plus new video)

(Editor’s note: This post was originally put up in February 2006. Since then a you tube video has surfaced and the band has almost wrapped the recording for their new record. These demos are now mixed and mastered and will be out sometime soon on My Kung Fu Records. Oh and since my post the band has hardly caught on in the blog world, typical!)

I did a quick search of Elbo.ws and Hype Machine and found no other bloggers posting about Soft Hearted Scientists. Weird, huh?! I was sure I’d come up with a bunch and there’d be no need for me to jump into the fray and add to all the praise that must have been already heaped on this Welsh band. They have a new record out, Uncanny Tales From The Everyday Undergrowth, I think it came out in Sept of `05 but that’s not where the action is.

Instead check out their three new demo’s. The band is on some kind of mystical kick and that comes through pretty clearly in their song “Pushing Up Daisies” which rivals “Dear God” by XTC as one of my favorite songs from the UK ever, period (yes I just wrote that!). Think a saner Julian Cope or a less psychcadelic and a little less jangly XTC. Or Perhaps a not so coy Robyn Hitchcock. The new record is on My Kung Fu. I’m told you can buy the new record here, and see the band live with the Broken Family Band on March 24th at The Bowling Green in Manchester.

Pushing Up DaisiesI’ll Be Happy I’ll Be Sleeping [Download]

One more demo in the Downloads section of their website.

Just added (Dec. 25) a video for “Light Years To Nothing”

5 Responses to “**REPOST** Amazing demo’s from Soft Hearted Scientists (My Kung Fu Records, unreleased)(plus new video)”

  1. Kristoffer says:

    you should really buy their eps or their album…. instead of posting free mp3s… ;D

  2. Craig says:

    The mp3′s are not available anywhere else and I’m encouraging others to buy the full length cd whic is their three eps on one cd. “Instead of posting free mp3′s” – that’s what mp3 blogs are for and I’m sure the band is not going to complain.

  3. Chris says:

    wait, isn’t the band hosting the mp3s? what is that guy bitching about? anyway, good songs, thanks!

  4. Sweeny says:

    Damn, I thought I was pretty quick onto the Soft Hearted Scientists, I should check other people’s blogs more… (though I am going to see them on Thursday…)

    And yeah, I don’t know what the other guy is on about either. I actually spoke to Carl at King Fu records and the band themselves – they were more than happy to see these tracks posted

    Top stuff as ever, cheers


  5. Hugh says:

    I always feel like something of a hooker when I post about a band that somebody else has posted about… though I’ve still posted some of the stuff you have. I take this post as authorization to post anything I dang want! Puwhaha…