**REPOST** Daniel Johnston’s got nothing on these guys…Quarter Pounder (new songs updated Dec. 3)

(Editor’s note: This was originally posted in April of 2006. As of December 3rd a new collection of songs called You seek it like a dream but when you find it it you become it’s prey have been uploaded to their website. It’s more of the same lofi “wrist-slashers about the ex-wife” that was in the first batch. Here’s two but there are many more at the site linked to below.

The CrossThere Is More Than One Woman [Download]

This British group (Quarter-Pounder) has battled homelessness, insanity, amputations, divorces, crippling obeisity, prison and countless odd, horrible day jobs. I can’t do their bio justice so I’ll just cut and paste:

Charles (b.1973) and Robert (b.1975) Peacefull originally hail from the Isle of Man. They moved to London in 1990 and formed The Gifts, a post-punk band in the vein of The Birthday Party. The Gifts did the usual circuit of London venues for two years building up a cult following, but acrimoniously split whilst recording what would have been their debut album, and Robert and Charles went their separate ways.
Robert married and settled in Tottenham, working as a packer in a meat factory, until he was made redundant in 1995. Charles, meanwhile, moved north and took a number of jobs in the Manchester/Stockport area, including spells at a burger bar and a building site, until finally finding employment on the Ninian Central oil rig in the North Sea, a job he held down for four years. He at this time initiated contact with his brother, who had by now divorced his wife and begun a series of short-lived homosexual relations. The tentative correspondence soon ended, when Charles served thirteen months in HMP Barlinnie for aggravated assault.
On release in 2001, a period of homelessness ensued, ending when his parents managed to contact him and prevail upon him to attend Robert’s second wedding, which he did. It was the first time the brothers had met in eight years. Robert had just begun taking medication for the depression and obesity which unfortunately had come to dominate his life. After a long period on the dole, he had found employment as a Label Inspector for a tinned food company. The job was lonely and boring in the extreme, and did little to rid Robert of his daemons leading to his suicide attempt of last year, in the midst of the break-up of his second marriage, when his fragile mental state collapsed completely. It was ironically when Charles was visiting him in St Ann’s Mental Health Unit that the idea of them making music together again was first suggested. Since his brother’s wedding, Charles had returned to his errant ways disappearing off the radar for some time. There were reports that he was drifting in South America but for a couple of years his whereabouts were unknown.
In the summer of 2005, only a few weeks after Robert was allowed home, the brothers began recording songs in the front room of a friend’s house. The process was hampered by the fact that, at some point in his travels, Charles had had the ring and pinkie fingers of his right hand amputated, apparently as a result of an infection from a tattoo.
As of current writing, Robert is back at his parent’s house on the Isle of Man, recuperating, and Charles is thought to be living somewhere in London. It is currently uncertain when they may record again.

All that life has thrown them is mirrored in their impossibly somber songs. The band is currently not aware that they have a web site or that their songs are even online. There’s nothing to buy: no tchokes, no tshirts or limited edition colored vinyl. The band continues to disdain the fact that their songs are available and are starting to have a life of their own.

Butchered SweetnessI’m Going Down With You [Download]


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  1. Popeye says:

    Its quite a story. I used to watch Robert and Charles years ago when they were in The Gifts, so its great to see that they are back doing some music again, but Jesus Christ a lots happened to them in the intervening years….they sound great though, better than ever so all their suffering may have just been worth while

  2. the hitman says:

    please please please, I need some more information on this band