**REPOST** I Heart The 80′s (pt. 5) – Dublin’s "Hey Paulette" (plus a little more Felt)

I sort of wrote about Felt yesterday. I came across a band that was making Felt-like sounds (also reminiscent of Jazz Butcher) around the same time in Dublin. Hey Paulette were “jingly jangly” (their words) and got clumped in with a lot of c86 bands, partly because they appeared early on with John Peel. Members have gone on to form Crumb and other bands but this may have been the height of their music making.

After 20 years this legendary but lost band is releasing it’s debut record on the German label Firestation Records. It’s a compilation of 17 tracks and a video. Available here.

CommonplaceMy Half Of The PillowInconsequential [Download]

Hey Paulette’s “My Half Of The Pillow” Video video on You Tube

I really do love Felt’s “Penelope” on You Tube


3 Responses to “**REPOST** I Heart The 80′s (pt. 5) – Dublin’s "Hey Paulette" (plus a little more Felt)”

  1. Hugh says:

    I’ve been diggin’ the stuff you’ve been postin’ from the 80′s… it’s technically my decade but since I left it at the ripe age of 4, I didn’t exactly pick up on a lot of the music. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    felt is one of those bands that “saved my life” in that hearing this music, when you are growing up in a small town gives you hope there is more to life out ther” and eventually you ditch that hell hole and go to a city where people are free.

  3. Anonymous says:

    so thank you for your blog and your links! Great music…

    Reg Marv!

    come and visit me at My Photocommunity