**REPOST** My $.02 On Elvis Perkins (plus a sneak peak at Kyle Andrew’s Badman Records debut)

(Editor’s note: Originally posted in May this post along with several others by Mp3 bloggers hopefully elevated Elvis Perkins’ national notoriety. Since then he has been signed by XL Recordings.)

I wasn’t going to write in great length about Elvis Perkins but his music keeps pulling me back in (I know, lame Godfather reference). I also refuse to go into his biographical details because his music stands on it’s own but if you’re interested click here, here, or here.

He’s playing the three day Sasquatch Festival next weekend and has a number of other notable gigs coming up. I was also going to refrain from posting the song “Ash Wednesday” since this song already has garnered a lot of attention but it is beautiful and I can’t resist. While “Ash Wednesday” is a an excellent example of his solo singer-songwriterly style (think Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckely) “May Day” is more of a full band romp with plenty of electric guitar textures, overdubbed vocals and crazy electronics. Ash Wednesday will also be the title of the eagerly-awaited debut disc by Elvis Perkins In Dearland (the full band name). Impossibly, this artist is still unsigned as far as I know.

Ash WednesdayMay Day [Download]


Badman Recording Company (includes Jemez Mountain Records) emailed this little teaser track from Kyle Andrews upcoming rerelease of his debut Amos In Ohio. It’s indie elctronic-acoustic pop that goes ever so nicely with Elvis Perkins.

Amos [Download]


2 Responses to “**REPOST** My $.02 On Elvis Perkins (plus a sneak peak at Kyle Andrew’s Badman Records debut)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How the hell do I get Elvis Perkins cd? I’ve been rumaging through the web for an hour and can’t find it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    he’s recently signed to XL recordings. check out his website at http://www.elvisperkins.net