**REPOST** the theater fire (no…not Arcade Fire…Theater Fire)

I generally don’t pile on the blog bandwagon but I can’t not post about the band Theater Fire. Credit to Sixeyes for the discovery, although they’ve been the talk of Texas for a while now. This Texas band impossibly mixes mariachi, folk, country and jazz with experimental weirdness.

Everybody Has A Darker Side
is their second record and is available now on Undeniable. On “Hey Jimmy” alone there is a cute little backing chorus, tinkling bells, the aformentioned mariachi horns, and even a little vibraphone. “Fiddleback Weaver” is the got-to track on the disc but from all I’ve heard the whole thing is incredibly great. Buy it here now, well before it’s August release date.

Fiddleback Weaver [Download]


Kicking Up The DarknessThese Tears Could Rust A Train [Download]

Updated Dec. 30: Imho yesterday’s Swedesplease post was one in a million (too bad everyones on vacation). Imagine finding a perfect Creation era fuzzy shoegaze pop gem from Sweden as well as an indiepop band from Indonesia which records for a label out of Lima, Peru. On top of that I threw in a new song from My Darling You. Get `em all here.


4 Responses to “**REPOST** the theater fire (no…not Arcade Fire…Theater Fire)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure it’s probably “my loss,” but this is a band I flat out refuse to even listen to, based on that name. They might as well have chosen the name ARKAID PHIRE.


  2. Anonymous says:

    FYI – they started before Arcade Fire. what’s in a name? the music speaks for itself and they sound nothing like the other Fire band.

  3. Craig says:

    they chose the name theater fire in 2000, arcade fire formed in 2033

    “nayblog” means your an elbo.ws forum user, why don’t you post using your real name/login

  4. Team Clermont Lucas says:

    That’s probably the most ridiculous reason for not liking a band. This band’s first album came out around the same time if not before the Arcade Fire’s! Thanks, Craig for posting this. There are even more MP3s out there if you want ‘em!