***REPOST***Danny Schmidt – Parables and Primes

(Editors note: Originally posted May 24, 2006. Considor the next couple of reposts an unofficial tally of some of my favorites from 2006.)
Guilt by association is what this post should be called. Danny Schmidt has been playing with Rachel Ries and Anais Mitchell on the west coast and they both claim he’s a brilliant genius. Who am I too disagree? And better yet I have a platform, no matter how small, to shout it to the world.

Danny’s most recent record, Parables and Primes, was self-released in July 2005. Lyrically the record is deep, you’ll probably need to sit down with the little booklet to figure it all out. Musically Danny has enlisted some of Austins finest including Lloyd Maines, Guy Forsyth, and Bruce Hughes (from Bob Schneider’s band). Together it sounds like this project just plain gelled. “This Too Shall Pass” is a song about some health problems Danny encountered while the glib “Beggars and Mules” is about his fellow musician friends. Buy it here.

This Too Shall PassBeggars and Mules [Download]


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  1. elam says:

    other people such as Forest Sun (www.forestsun.com) and Larkin Gayl (www.larkingayl.com) should be guilty of such association as well