**REPOST**New songs from Luke Temple (but I also added new songs from his upcoming record "Snowbeast")

(Editor’s note: I’ve probably written about Luke Temple as often as any other artist on Songs:Illinois so he is definately do a repost. Below are two of the posts I put up about Luke Temple. I’ve added a new song that Mill Pond Records has just put up on their site. It’s called “Saturday People” and will be on the new record which has just be named – Snowbeast.)

What if ol’ Sufjan got a pair and altered his patented formulaic sound of success. It’d be weird but cool. Luke Temple has gone and done just that on his new songs from his upcoming record. The mp3 below is “Owl Song” and it’s about a 180 degrees in the opposite direction of much of his work from his debut record, Hold A Match For A Gasoline World, out last year on Mill Pond Records (and soon to released in Europe on Fargo). What’s the verdict you say? Stunning!

It’s only a little thing (under 3 minutes) but its’ syncopated rhythm’s, odd beeps and whirrs and disturbing lyrics make this a remarkable track. But it’s the “hoo hoo hoo hoo” that you’ll hear midway through that’ll get you singing along. So while this strays from a formula that I and others declared perfect, it’s a welcome change and one that will probably extend his music in many new directions. Expect Snowbeast sometime in January of 2007 on Mill Pond. Buy Luke Temple’s debut here.

Owl Song [Download]

———-Post #2———-

I swear that that music supervisor lady (Alexandra Patsavas) from the OC and Grey’s Anatomy is reading this blog on a regular basis. It seems impossible that she would choose both The Second Band (wrote about them here on Swedesplease) and Luke Temple (here, here) to have songs in Grey’s Anatomy without being a regular reader of this blog. Anyway Luke Temple’s song “Make Right With You” will be on this Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Mill Pond Records has two new songs posted that will be on the next Luke Temple record that’s presently tba 2007. Buy Luke’s music here.

Saturday People (**New**Added Dec. 27)Serious [Download]

Plus Luke’s MySpace page has another new song, a soft gospel inspired track called “People Do” that’s more in line with his earlier songs .

People Do [Download]


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