Darla Rose on American Idol (I wish!)

Darla Rose is cute. I don’t mean her looks although she is that too. It’s her music, it screams cute. Her voice is sweet. It’s retro in some indescernible way, her lyrics at once seem to refer back to a simpler time and at the same time use clever little topical turns of phrase. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between her two downloadable samples (here) from the new record trying to pick a winner and have come up with a tie. The production on “I Tried” may have edged out “Number One” but they’re both winners.

Just once I’d like to see someone like this on American idol, I’m curious how the judges would react to someone who has real talent, is slightly quirky and would no doubt pick an interesting song from the 1940′s to interpret. Man what a breath of fresh air that would be, huh.

I Tried [Download]


One Response to “Darla Rose on American Idol (I wish!)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    She’s sweeter than sugar!