Jaimie Shuey’s "Wrong Girl" (Boronda Records, Jan. 31)(Honky-tonk Friday continued)

A picture’s worth a thousand words don’t ya think. In this case it’s a picture of Jamie Shuey. I’m feeling rustic americana, front porch stuff plugged in with soul. Jaimi Shuey’s Wrong Girl is a Charlie Mcgovern production for Boronda Records from his Big Ol Studio located somewhere in California. Charlie has developed his own studio sound by choosing talented young artists and surrounding them with the most complimentary players in the California americana scene (including Don Heffington, Kip Boardman and Danny McGough). I’m guessing it’s stocked to the gills with enough analog gear to make a man weep.

When comparing Jamie to her peers I’m not even going to mention that other by product of LA (LW?!). These songs remind some of Iris Dement but I also hear the early gospel of Wanda Jackson and the country sounds of Loretta Lynn. On the title track “Wrong Girl” Jamie laments the fact that her man has picked the wrong girl while a wurlitzer swoons in the background. Wrong Girl is due out in January on Boronda Records, buy it here now.

Wrong Girl [Download]


2 Responses to “Jaimie Shuey’s "Wrong Girl" (Boronda Records, Jan. 31)(Honky-tonk Friday continued)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really nice, original music. Great lyrics and unique voice. Wow.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Damn! I’m singing her songs in the shower. Good stuff. Original, soulful, approachable, down-home, real, and contemporary. Jaimi Shuey y’all. The girls’ got it. And the girl gives it.