Missed opportunities – Diana Jones, Danya Kurtz and Michael Weston King

I like to think I haven’t missed much great music from 2006. Sure there’s some I didn’t write about (couldn’t get permission, oversaturated on other blogs, and some that just didn’t fit the Songs:Illinoiss’ mission). But Diana Jones’ record is one that I just spaced on. Not sure how it happened too since her song “Pony” was nominated for a Folk Alliance Award, her 2006 release My Remembrance of You was praised by my hometown paper of record (The Tribune called it the # 1 record of the year), and she got glowing reviews in BBC 2, Sing Out! and No Depression.

Here’s the sweetly melodramatic childhood song “Pony”. It’s hard not to think of Lyle Lovett’s song “If I Had A Pony” even if the subject matter of the songs are completly different. Buy this cd here though Diana’s label NewSong Recordings.

Pony [Download]


I guess today’s a day for near misses. Here’s two more that nearly fell through the crack – Danya Kurtz and Michael Weston King.

Danya Kurtz –

Nola [Download]

Michael Weston King –

A For Song [Download]
(Townes cover)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dayna is one of the artists that needs and deserves more attention. Thanks for helping spread the word.

    The Duke

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