New song from "Green Blues" from MV & EE with the Bummer Road (Ecsatic Peace, Jan. 21)

I’m intrigued by MV & EE with The Bummer Road partly because all the heavy hitting critics have been down with their scene for years and I’d never even heard about them. And partly because aside from the fact that they live on a farm/commune in Vermont there’s not much info on the group online. Thurston Moore’s been quoted as saying:

Green Blues may be the ultimate and most genuine artifact of what the media has proffered as Freak Folk as it not only makes manifest all that is desirous of said scene but, in true nature goes well beyond any known parameters as such. An already classic and legendary move.

To sum up all of the criticism I’ve read to date about the new album Green Blues would be fairly easy: the new record is the crowning piece of a puzzle the band has been working on for years. It has retained the outlandishly avant leanings of prior work while lending the songs enough structure to exist as seperate entities. Entities that cover a bazzilion (sp?) genre influences from acid rock to folk to blues to hazy psychedelia.

Here’s “East Mountain Joint” from the upcoming record Green Blues. Preorder it here now.

East Mountain Joint [Download]


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    gorgeous. thank you.