Revival – Horses Of War (Gypsy Eyes Records, Feb. 20)

I gotta tell it to you straight. I started typing as soon as I saw the name of the band, title of the record and the cd artwork. But once I heard the opening bars of “Fog Rolling In” I knew I should continue. Revival is the band. The new record Horses of War is out on Gypsy Eyes Records in February.

Revivial is Josh Read and Evan Berodt. Evan has toured with Jay Farrar. Together with drummer Noel White they make an interesting stew of quiet ballads and raging operatic anthems. This is the second Gypsey Eyes record I’ve written about in the last three weeks, check out everything they’re up to here.

Fog Rolling In [Download]


One Response to “Revival – Horses Of War (Gypsy Eyes Records, Feb. 20)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That song is seriously, seriously good. I know it sounds silly, but a record named Horses of War just HAS to be good.