Roddy Hart’s "Bookmarks" (Compass Records, Jan. 30)

Roddy Hart released Bookmarks in the UK this past fall. It’s a confident debut of a record. Roddy apparently didn’t want to wait `til his third release to get some guests on his records and has scored Kris Kristofferson, Eddi Reader and members of the band Trashcan Sinatras on his debut. Somehow I missed out on posting about Roddy Hart during my two UK themed weeks but now that his record is being released stateside by Compass Records on Jan. 30 (pre-order here) he’s free game.

Roddy’s getting all the typical comparisons that a fledgling US singer songwriter might get (Dylan, Ryan Adams, Tom Petty, even Springsteen). But since he’s from from Scotland I think it’d be wiser to compare him to a Van Morrison or Teddy Thompson. On “Flames” he showcases both his way with words and his blue eyed soul arrangements.

Flames [Download]

2 songs live in session


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Flames is one of the most lovely songs I’ve heard in a long time.