The Infamous Stringdusters (Sugar Hill Records, Feb. 13) + Cadillac Sky (fyi…progressive bluegrass)

Remember the hubbub created by the O’ Brother soundtrack, the subsequent tours and then explosion of new grassy music a couple of years ago? Well, a lot of that has passed on but the bands that make this their lifeblood are still out there playing county fairs and bbq’s. The Infamous Stringdusters are one such band and the lads happened to have been discovered by Sugar Hill. They have their debut full length, Fork In The Road, due out in Feb. 2007 on Sugar Hill Records. Preorder here.

Here’s the title track.

Fork In The Road [Download]


It was impossible to resist posting these two songs from Cadillac Sky off their debut record for Skaggs Family Records. For one, these two songs go together perfectly with “Fork In the Road”. Secondly, the band features a couple young virtuoso type pickers and have that progressive bluegrass sound down pat. Finally, I was just alerted that the new record is out today. Buy Blind Man Walking here.

You AgainBorn Lonesome [Download]


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just picked up my copy of Blind Man Walking! It’s fantastic-I encourage everyone to pick up their copy today.