Maia Hirasawa’s debut single – "And I Found A Boy" plus a little Swedish Valentine’s surprise

Sometimes you get a special song that you want to scream about from the rooftops. But you can’t. I wish there was some way to take a regular blog post and somehow broadcast it to the wortld, instead of just to one a little corner of it. I hope other bloggers pick up on this song and this artist. You probably think I’m going to go off the deep end about Hello Saferide again but you’re wrong. Oh, ok you’re partly right. The artist I’d like to spread the word about is Maia Hirasawa. Maia is one of the members of Annika Norlin’s band Hello Saferide but her solo music has always stood on it’s on.

“And I Found This Boy” is the first single from her debut lp for Razzia entitled though, i’m just me. The single is the story of a one-night-stand love affair gone wrong between members of two Swedish bands. “And I Found This Boy” is a refreshing look at desire and it’s consequences from a female perspective. The fact that the song plays out on a musical bed of horns, piano and drums that sounds like a classic tune by The Jam is a very nice bonus. The single will be available March 7 with the album to follow in Scandanavia on April 4. More info at Maia’s label Razzia Records. Spread the word!

And I Found This Boy [Download]

It’s A Trap has Maia’s song “Roselin” while the fine site Getecho has “My New Friend” [Download]
both songs are from her first self released (sold out) ep. Here’s my favorite from that ep:

Parking Lot [Download]

Oh alright here’s Hello Saferide’s “Valentine’s Day”

Valentine’s Day [Download]


2 Responses to “Maia Hirasawa’s debut single – "And I Found A Boy" plus a little Swedish Valentine’s surprise”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You really can’t go off the deep end with Hello Saferide, because they are that insanely good. It sounds like I’ll enjoy Maia too! Hurrah.

  2. KOKOMO (webradio) ! says:

    sounds like CAMERA OBSCURA meeting FEIST
    great pop song !