New "Key Principles" from the Canadian band Nathan – Pt. 2 of S:I approved SxSW showcases

Damn the Canadian band OX, if it weren’t for them I could safely declare Nathan my favorite Canadian roots band. Nathan’s new record, Key Principles, is out now on Nettwerk. On “The Wind” you can hear some of the same naturalistic themes present on other Nathan songs. Nathan turns the wind into an anthropomorphic creature that can deliver both ill and good. Musically, Nathan continues on the road it’s paved on prior releases; this consists of banjo, acoustic bass and other traditionally americana instruments.

Catch Nathan’s Canadiana set live at SxSW on March 16th at either the NXNE BBQ or The Light Bar.

The Wind [Download]

I was just sent this link to a new You Tube video by The Bobby McGees. Their song “I Don’t Want To Be Jar Jar Binks” has become one of Songs Illinois’ all time most popular posts. Here’s the video they made that is a response to the “Candylion” video by Gruff Rhys. The song is called “A Dog At All Things” and reminds me of this Children’s book we have about English explorers in Egypt being killed one at a time in a number of particularly grizzly ways (highly recommended if you can find it).


2 Responses to “New "Key Principles" from the Canadian band Nathan – Pt. 2 of S:I approved SxSW showcases”

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Nathan, it’s been far to long since their last record. I still spin “Sunset Chaser” on a regular basis. !

  2. matthew says:

    Nathan are great! I posted about them last week, too…totally and utterly lovely stuff.