New song (?) from Peter Case – Pt. 1 of S:I approved SxSW shows

Peter Case appears to have a new song out. I did a quick seach of AllMusic and Peter’s catalog and can’t find this song anywhere. While it may be a demo, the song “Shot Through”, is simple enough musically and lyrically to succeed as a stripped down affair.

Anyway I like my Peter Case as unencumbered as possible, so “Shot Through” is right up my alley. The song comes courtesy of the SxSW site. Peter Case will be performing on March 17 at the Hilton Garden Inn as part of SxSW

Shot Through [Download]


One Response to “New song (?) from Peter Case – Pt. 1 of S:I approved SxSW shows”

  1. David Wilkins/Badger says:

    Shot Through is actually one of many songs that will be released in
    the next 6-8weeks as THE CASE FILES, a web-based “virtual box set” or more accurately “virtual AV library” that will consist of
    audio and visual rarities that span Peter’s entire solo career, from
    1984 to the present. It will be added-to regularly and include
    fully-produced non-album cuts, live material (both solo and w/band),
    demos, live concert video, rare photos, lengthy annotation about the songs, scans of songwriting notes, excerpted chapters from Peter’s continuing memoir and a lot of other curiosities. I’m producing it with Peter and we’re still in the process of culling all the material for the initial version. We’re both really excited about this project and can’t wait for people to be able to see/hear it.