The Late Gray Ed Great

I was going to write about Ed Gray from Iowa City, and astound you with this unheard of lofi alt-country noisemaker, then while I was getting my post together I stumbled upon his name on at least three other MySpace pages of notable musicians. So let’s forget the unheard of part and just try to astound you with his music.

“Drink” is a mess of distorted guitar parts, out of tune vocals, violin, and heavy bass. Ed Gray’s late 2006 release, The Late Grey Ed Great, can be purchased from Cd Baby. Ed has a split 7″ coming out in the spring with William Elliott Whitmore.

Drink [Download]


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  1. says:

    It’s been a long day, I’ve had a three hour drive both ways for a two hour meeting and i’m flying to Paris tomorrow, so I’m unwinding over a beer and this. reminds me of Tom Waits – that’s a compliment.
    One foir the mp3 player on the plane tomorrow.