"The Ugliest, Bitterest, Coldest, Dreary Place I’ve Ever Seen"

I don’t get a ton of audience suggestions, but the ones I do get I’m always a little cynical about. When someone writes in to suggest a band I always wonder if it’s an honest tip or just a friend of the band or the band’s mother. But if the music is good then I’ll try to relay it. So several months ago I was sent the link to the music of Petunia, a one man band/street performer type thing.

But instead of staightahead singer-songwriter stuff you get this yodeling, kazooy, cowpokey stuff. I like title track to Petunia’s first record, “The Ugliest, Bitterest, Coldest Dreary Place I’ve Ever Seen”.

The Ugliest… [Download]


3 Responses to “"The Ugliest, Bitterest, Coldest, Dreary Place I’ve Ever Seen"”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just came across another street performer type who is not your staightahead singer-songwriter, kind-of similar to Petunia, except it’s a NYC subway musician playing the musical saw:


  2. Mike Young says:

    Awesome. Thanks for posting this, Craig. ‘Twas honest, I swear. I heard (about) him in a living room when on tour in Vancouver.

  3. wilablog says:

    I liked it. Adding it to my new music country twang playlist now to see how long it sticks. I think it could have been just a tad bit shorter though…Thanks for sharing this one.