US release of Willard Grant Conspiracy’s "Let It Roll" released in the us (finally!)

The American release of Willard Grant Conspiracy’s 2006 record Let It Roll is finally upon us. I wrote about the European release back in February of 2006. Here’s a repost and a new song:

After 18 months (edit: now 40 months) or so of doing this little project called Songs:Illinois the time I’ve put in is starting to pay off. My visibility is just at the point where I can post the cream of the crop. For instance I just got this new song from the upcoming Willard Grant Conspiracy cd out in March on Loose Records (now in the Us on Reincarnate) called Let It Roll. Now if I can just get something from the upcoming Giant Sand gospel record on Thrill Jockey.

This is just one song from a very diverse record. Everything from folk country to mariachi to raging rock are included on this their 6th album. This song combines all of the trademark WGC sounds in one place; vocals like a weary, disgruntled Steve Earl, music like a loose Calexico and tempo shifts like something from Spoon. Guests include members of Lambchop and Dream Syndicate and Mary Lorson of Madder Rose. There’s a video for another song off the new record here (it’s as sad and depressing as the mp3 below). Look for this one towards the end of March.

SkeletonFlying Low [Download]


3 Responses to “US release of Willard Grant Conspiracy’s "Let It Roll" released in the us (finally!)”

  1. Autopsy IV says:

    it is sort of sad. The new WIllard Grant Conspiracy comes out in the US and all I could do was wonder when he release something new.

    Great cd though!

  2. Satisfied '75 says:

    beat me to it!! great post, craig. i am really diggin this album

  3. Matthew says:

    I think I’ve posted a comment on every blog that mentions this fantastic album, just to keep on saying how much I love it.

    Let it Roll – the twelve minute mental wig-out – is what they closed their Glasgow show with six months or so ago and was unbelievable live.