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The circus cabaret of Vermillion Lies (riyl Ditty Bops, Tiny Tim)

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Vermillion Lies combines many of my favorite things, including but not limited to: circus songs, flappers, and strippers (or the more pc term – burlesque dancers). I guess it should come as no surprise that this Californian duo has played with the Ditty Bops, Jason Wembly and Camper Van Beethoven, as they all share a love of campy music.

“No Good” has a retro jazz vibe with muted trumpet and equally muted early 1900′s jazz vocals. You can buy the new record, Seperated By Birth, here.

No Good [Download]

Video of Vermillion Lies first tour (sort of NSFW)


David Olney’s "One Tough Town" (Red Parlor, June)

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

I’m a fan of David Olney solely based on his 1995 record High, Wide And Lonesome (Philo/Rounder). I’ve been only a casual fan since then. Still David Olney’s in the upper echelon of modern day roots artits, but his records have been a hit and miss affair probably because of the fact that he’s been on many different labels. His new record is called One Tough Town, and while the song “Sweet Poison” is lacking the depth of lyrical detail found on High, Wide and Lonesome, it’s still nice to hear David’s voice

The new record comes out in Europe in April and sometime in June on Red Parlor in the US. Here’s a cut from it.

Sweet Poison [Download]

“God Shaped Hole” from Philly Folk Festival


James Apollo’s "Hide You Heart In A Hive" (Self-released, May 5)

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

A new record is due out from James Apollo on May 5. Hide Your Heart In A Hive is a follow-up to last years critically acclaimed record Good Grief (at least by me and also My Old Kentucky Blog and An Aquarium Drunkard).

On “I’ve Got It Easy” James Apollo has crafted a slinky, late-night ballad that’s highlight is his smokey vocals. I suppose you could call this americana but it’s like a dusty dream of what americana might sound like if it were left in the desert and had become parched and burnt by the sun. Buy this direct from James Apollo on May 5.

I’ve Got It Easy [Download]

Bonus song from Hide Your Heart In A Hive:

Beauty Bird [Download]


Neva Geoffrey’s "The Days Are Rolling In" (Alias Records, April 3)

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

The other day I heard about Neva Geoffrey and her new release, The day Are Rolling, on the once great, and now totally resurrected label Alias Records. So I tried to work a little mp3 blogger magic to get you a song off the new record. It was all back channel stuff, very hush hush. And then the next day before all my hard work had time to come to fruition this song from the record magically appeared in my inbox. What good fortune!

I’ve heard all the relvanant comparable new records (Maria Taylor, Julie Doiron, Nicole Atkins etc) and they don’t get much better than the mp3 below or the songs that are streaming on the Alias site. Neva is a complete unknown who has shuffled around the country the last few years (Austin, California) but now calls Kentucky home. She can compose and work her way around piano based indie-loungy ballads like a son of a gun. I think her voice is both instantly recognizeable and somehow unique. This is too smooth for the new indie-nerd-maffia, but fans of Nora Jones, Aimee Mann and Tori Amos will be pleased.

Cordoroy Boy [Download]


Sonny Smith’s "Fruitvale" (Belle Sound, April 17)(RIYL David Dondero, Howe Gelb, Tom Waits)

Monday, March 26th, 2007

I still get a huge rush discovering something new that I love and that I hope others will love, Sonny Smith (MySpace) easily goes down as one of my favorite finds. Others are excited as I am. It seems his record label, Belle Sound, was started solely to get Sonny Smith’s new record, Fruitvale, out to a larger market. The label is somehow related to the great Chuck Prophet (I think he “owns” it since the label’s previous releases were Green On Red collectibles).

“The characters in Sonny’s songs are so real, don’t be surprised if they crawl out of your speakers and bum your last smoke off you. I wouldn’t wish running a label on my worst enemy. Sonny is so good I had no choice.” (Chuck Prophet)

Sonny’s previous albums have been concept records (one a series of one act plays, another made up of songs about broken love). The new one is also a loose concept record with all the songs based on his neighborhood of Fruitvale within the city of Oakland. “Curtis On The Corner” is a microcosm of the entire album writ small. In one song you get plenty of imagery about the neighborhood of Fruitvale (“2 bird cages on a windowsill”, “a singing butcher at the grocery store”, “a pit bull singing to a police siren”, and “a dead bottle rocket on my front porch”), and also a sense of the folk troubadour sound found throughout. I hear a kind of roughed up Paul Simon (circa “Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard”) meets a woozy and now urban Townes Van Zandt. Guests on the record include Leroy Bach (Wilco), Dave Hilliard (David Byrne), Mathew Luz (Azita) and three of the most fabulous Chicago singers ever – Nora O’Connor, Edith Frost and Kelly Hogan.

I’m so not surprised that Sonny has dates coming up with David Dondero and Neko Case. Here’s a couple of dates:

Wednesday 28th at Park West in Chicago with Neko Case
Sunday April 15th at Make-Out Room

PRE-ORDER this April 17th release here and save two bucks.

Curtis On The Corner [Download]

Bonus songs from 2005′s One Act Plays:

Eddie and RitaThe Terrible Truth [Download]

“Separation” from David Dondero’s 200 release Spider West Myshkin And A City Bus

Separation [Download]

PS I made up some Swedesplease t-shirts. Check them out here. The mediums are going fast, so if that’s your size don’t delay.


Susan Werner’s "The Gospel Truth" – The World’s First Agnostic Gospel Record

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

(Editor’s note: I was going to post this sometime this week but then the irony of putting this up on Sunday morning was too great to resist. I’ve got some of the best music I’ve ever put up set for tomorrow so come back and check out Songs:Illinois Monday morning.)

Susan Werner’s out to upset folks with her new, at times, anti-religious gospel record. The questions she asks on The Gospel Truth are ones that any enlightened person must have about the church, god, and religion in all it’s forms. I like the blues dirge numbers like “Lost My Religion” and “(Why Is Your) Heaven So Small”, but Susan also takes the signature Gospel elements like choirs, organs and hand claps to address other topics like helping others and forgiveness.

This is an interesting collection of original gospel tunes, that by and large, challenge the prescribed teachings of the church. I guess Susan figured out a way to throw the bath water out and keep the baby.

Why Is Your Heaven So Small [Download]


New video of Camera Obscura’s "Tears For Affairs"

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

I know the word exclusive gets used a bit too much on mp3 blogs but nonetheless here’s an “exclusive” of the new video from Camera Obscura. It’s only been viewed one time on Youtube so I’m confident this is pretty darn close to a first. And if you wondering what influences or era’s affected this song just keep your eyes peeled as costumes change and the years fly by.


Tom Brosseau/Amina play Chicago tonight, Jim Bryson’s new album available for pre-order and a Three-Ring Circus benefit cd with Minmae, Rogue Wave etc

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

(Photo of Tom Brosseau)

Just a couple of quick notes:


Plaid Lined Jacked (Live) – Tom BrosseauClear The Crowds [Download]
– Jim Bryson


John Southworth and the South Seas (thanks Casey!)

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

I’m writing about John Southworth solely because Casey Dienel told me too. Not exactly Casey but her blog, she so raved about John’s songs that I immedietly searched the web for his stuff. That’s it for the backstory and the hard sell. This song is off his 2006 release The Pillowmaker which never saw the light of day here in the states. Check out John’s MySpace page for upcoming shows in NYC and Boston.

Life Is Unbelievable [Download]


Felice Brothers sign to Loose Records (show tomorrow night in Brooklyn with Luke Temple, Trainwreck Riders and Langehorne Slim)

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

For some reason I was shocked to see that Loose Records had signed The Felice Brothers. I wrote about the band back in October and while their songs have stuck with me, I wasn’t sure these rough and tumble buskers – who live together in their van – would be signed by an international label. In April Loose Records will release an lp of their debut Tonight At The Arizona. This song might will be on there.

Catch the Felice Brothers along with Luke Temple (belatedly anointed by P4K yesterday), Langhorne Slim and Trainwreck Riders at Southpaw in Brooklyn tomorrow night. What a lineup! Here’s a track from Tonight At The Arizona.

Lady Day [Download]
– Felice Brothers
Bonus early recording:

Roll On Arte [Download]
– Felice Brothers

Double bonus:

Christmas Time Blues – Trainwreck RidersSaturday People [Download]
– Luke Temple


New music from Devon Sproule – "Keep Your Silver Shined" (City Slavage/Waterbug)

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

It’s been three years since Devon Sproule’s critically acclaimed release Upstate Songs and now Devon is back with her follow-up. They say you’ve gotta write what you know and Devon follows that advice on this record centered around her recent marriage (to singer-songwriter Paul Curreri) and her adopted home state of Virginia.

Devon takes the roots of Virginian music to use as her sonic palette, typically this means mountain music, appalachian waltzes and bluegrass laments (this is when it doesn’t stray into noir jazz). Keep Your Silver Shined is being released by City Salvage and distributed by Waterbug and has an April release date, but is available now from Waterbug here. Devon makes organic music that is as unhurried and as relaxed as a spring afternoon. The new record has already received praise from NPR’s This American Life and will surely go down as one of the great roots records of 2007.

Let’s Go Out [Download]

Devon and Paul have been putting together Valentines duets records since 2003. These are available for free download and are mostly a collection of covers by folks like Bruce Springsteen, John Hurt, and John Prine. Here’s a couple of songs from
the 2007 version including a Devon Sproule original called “Don’t Hurry For Heaven” that holds up well against all the cover songs.

Don’t Hurry For HeavenCrazy As A Loon [Download]
(John Prine)

Carrie’s Freckles:


Andy Martinez’ neo-gothic folk – "Race The Buzzard Home"

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Andy Martinez’ “My name Ain’t Sonny” is gothic blues at it’s best. His low growl is a combination Tom Waits and Shane MacGowan, slowed done to a crawl. I’d say the most similar band playing today is Chicago’s The Gunshy but nobody knows them so… The song’s title is a reference to the line “I’ll be Sonny if you’ll be Cher” and that’s the first of several clever lines.

Race the Buzzard Home just came out and is available here; it features the cream of the Lubbock crop including Amanda Shires on violin, Jake Unruh on guitar and guests Lloyd Maines and Colt Miller.

My Name Ain’t Sonny [Download]


Dana Falconberry’s SXSW wrap-up (reviews/mp3′s from Marnie Stern, David Garza and The Shivers)

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

(Dana at GvB showcase, courtesy GvB)

Dana Falconberry wraps up her SXSW 2007 with a couple reviews of some puzzling music the the traditional Sunday softball game. Dana’s got a nice little midwest tour planned, here’s the dates:

Apr 10, 2007 – Oklahoma City, OK – The Conservatory – 8:00P
Apr 11, 2007 – Fayetteville, AR – The Delicious – 8:00P
Apr 12, 2007 – St. Louis, MO – The Lemp Arts Space – 8:00P
Apr 13, 2007 – Chicago, IL – TBA
Apr 14, 2007 – Chicago, IL – CAL’S Bar – 10:00P
Apr 15, 2007 – Columbia, MO – Ragtag – 8:30P
Apr 17, 2007 – Nashville, TN – TBA
Apr 18, 2007 – Memphis, TN – Java Cabana – 7:30P
Apr 19, 2007 – Conway, AR – University of Central Arkansas – 1:30P
Apr 19, 2007 – Little Rock, AR – White Water Tavern – 8:00P
Apr 21, 2007 – Dallas, TX – Secret Headquarters – 8:00P

“saturday left me with homework:

i played the Asthmatic Kitty party with Peter and the Wolf, and walked into a packed crowd just in time to see the end of The Shivers’ set. it was great, i’m a big fan and it was a treat to see them live. i bought their new cd, Phone Calls, and i’ve only listened to it fleetingly as i run around my apartment, but it sounds great so far!

Beauty [Download]
– Shivers

i pushed myself through the st. patrick’s day crazies to see Marnie Stern at emo’s jr. later that night. she is insane. i’m a huge fan of dynamics, and i get bored easily unless a performer mixes noise with non-noise frequently. marnie was noise noise noise the whole time, but i stood there with a stupid look on my face, totally enthralled. watching her feels like walking in on your little sister singing and dancing into a full-length mirror in her bedroom. it is endlessly fascinating and raw, and even though you could never say if you actually thought it was good, you can’t stop watching. i couldn’t understand many lyrics, so i’ll have to check out a recording.

Every Single Line Means Something [Download]
– Marnie Stern

after that, and a futile attempt to attend a party on the east side (the cops didn’t like the party), i headed down to spiro’s to see David Garza. i am totally confused. now, maybe i should have done my homework earlier, but i was basing my whole opinion of this guy on one song: My Homey Don’t Name Names, which i think is awesome. his set was completely different; he had a full band, and it was very up-beat, very rock. since then i have listened to snippets of recordings that range from latino, to rock, to more singer-songwriter. who is this guy? he lives in Austin and he’s been playing music forever, so i should know, i guess. more homework.

Ready To Fly [Download]
– David Garza

there was a BBQ and softball game on sunday, where many of the hungover and exhausted sxsw-ers washed up. lots of people brought their kids, and it was great to see all of these people who have been walking around with their jaws clenched all weekend just relaxing. it’s easy to forget during sxsw that all the publicists and promoters and booking agents and managers and lead singers and drummers and reporters and crew members and critics invloved in the conference are, in fact, people. they have kids, they watch baseball, they eat potato salad. i ran into some new friends that i made this week and realized that the coolest thing about this whole conference is the fact that it brings so many people into the same city to play music. there’s industry bullshit to wade through, sure, but if you do it right, you can end up hearing and playing some great music, and making some wonderful friends that you’ll run into again on tours or at other conferences. yes indeed.

and now, back to work.
thanks for reading, guys. and thanks to craig.
see you all in chicago soon!
over and out,”



New Avett Brothers – DIe Die Die

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

One of the pluses about writing about music that generally now one has ever heard of is that their are few experts to correct you. Sure, people have heard about the Avett Brothers but on the whole they’re a very new and as yet undiscovered band. So when I say that I hear shades of Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison on their new record there are few around who can disagree.

At least iTunes agrees with me and instead of filing them under indie or country or folk they get the more obtuse genre tag of “unclassifiable”. I like the new album title too, the new record is called Emotionalism. Like a combo of emo and turntablism, strange. The first track, “Die Die Die”, is a fine example of the sound that I’m trying to describe. Layered yet simple. Romantic yet somehow down to earth. On first (and second) listen this sounds like a slight departure/evolution for the band. I can’t find a pre-order link yet but you can get this new release at the band’s upcoming shows.

Die Die Die [Download]

PS There is now a really cool Swedesplease shirt for sale. It comes in the colors of Sweden (blue and yellow) and is available now through that site.


Postcards From SXSW – Ox hearts Donovan (who didn’t like that show?!)

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Ox went from playing my living room on Monday night to playing in front of the hordes at SXSW only a few days later. That must have been some contrast. Otis Gibbs also played my most recent house concert and it was another magical night so I thank both bands for coming out.

Ox sent a brief summation of their SXSW experience to me this morning so here it is (it’s amazing to me how many of the artists that wrote in went to the Donovan show and were totally wowed by his performance):

747 [Download]
– Ox

“post mortem… hotels should not have free drinks for guests.

2 days after SxSW and the band is still in Austin- the van decided it wasn’t ready to leave town- turns out we drive 100km+ with a broken coil spring tearing into our back tire! ah, so THATS where that burnt rubber smell was coming from… and i thought it was one of our feet.

SxSW is a fantastic blend of real and unreal. so many bands- so many people- everyone trying to look as cool as they possibly can. as a band, its good to drive here- 4 days spent living out of your van- wearing out all your clean clothes is a great was to keep perspective. we’re a rock&roll band- and SxSW is another Ox show. we’re wrinkled, hungover, sunbeaten, and it helped our show.

but the highlite for me was seeing donovan in a small room hold everyone in the palm of his hand. i was choked up. i’ve loved donovan since i was a teenager- ‘Open Road’ helped define what i do… there’s nothing like the showmanship of a veteran- nothing reaches that level today- everyone just wants to look cool- where the right clothes- drink the right beer- have a good haircut. fuck that shit. 95% of SxSW, like everywhere else, was crap- but that 5% is worth it.”

Mb / Ox


A selection of videos from SXSW (including Okkervil River, The Nightwatchmen, Catfish Haven, Au Revoir Simone, Sage Francis, and Sloan)

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Here’s a selection of videos from SXSW to accompany the “Postcards” series.

Matt The Electrician

Okkervil River

Carolyn Mark

Au Revoir Simone

The Nightwatchmen

Catfish Haven (read about their adventures over on Transmission

Meat Puppets

Ana Egge

Jessie Lee Miller

Scott H. Biram

Sage Francis



Postcards From SXSW – The Theater Fire on Smog, Jandek and Adult Swim

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

The Theater Fire wraps up their coverage of SXSW with reviews of Smog, Jandek and Tim and Eric. Thanks guys!

Here’s the Saturday report.

We stood in line for over an hour at Antone’s to see Charles Wright and The Watts 103rd before the word spread that he had cancelled. It was a great disappointment to miss seeing this soul legend. We headed over to the Central Presbyterian Church to catch some of Jandek. I don’t know anything about this Houston legend and after hearing a few songs live, I know even less. I guess I just don’t get it. Gothic, droney, and loosely improvised, what I saw was a little creepy (especially in a church), but not very interesting.

We were really there to see Bill Callahan. He was accompanied by Joanna Newsome on piano and Elizabeth(?) Warren on Violin (or maybe Viola) who both made some very creative contibutions to the set. Bill did beautiful versions of “Strayed”, “Cold Discovery”, “Cold Blooded Old Times”, “Rock Bottom Riser”, and two new songs from his new CD, due out in April, including one called called “Sycamore” that really showed a new level of maturity and depth to his songwriting. I’ve been following this guy since “Julius Ceasar” and he just keeps getting better and better. This was definitely the best Smog show that I’ve ever seen both in sound and performance. I’m not sure why it was billed as Bill Callahan, but I purchased a two song CD called “Diamond Dancer” and it looks like he might start releasing under his own name. Is this the end of “Smog”? Either way, before the first song of his set was over, I had completely forgotten about missing Charles Wright and thankful that I hadn’t missed Bill’s performance.

The last show we watched before packing up and heading back to Fort Woth, was Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric. It was like wathing a double episode of the TV show. Between the handful of live skits, including a special performance by Uncle Muscle Hour, they showed alot of new video for the TV show and included a shameless promotion for the Tom Goes To The Mayor DVD coming out soon. The show was kicked off by DJ Dougg Pound “In The Mix”, who made everbody uncomfortable by telling bad jokes and playing bits of the worst DJ music and samples of the last 20 years. It was great.

That’s it for SXSW 07. We had a great time, saw some great shows and got to play for people from all over the world. Thanks for letting us be a part of your coverage. We’ll pass along any photos or other items as soon as we can.

Thanks again,


Postcards From SXSW – Anais Mitchell (reviews/mp3′s from Stars of Track and Field, Ron Sexsmith, and Nels Andrews)

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

Anais Mitchell (here) gives us her poetic impressions of her time in Austin. Her new record, The Brightness, is out now on Righteous Babe, buy it here.

Cosmic American [Download]

Here’s her wondefull summary of the week:

“sunday morning comin down
impressions from sxsw.
my official set at momo’s and i was so excited about the rest of the bands on the bill that i spent the night there, a luxury really not to have to elbow around on sixth or anything. ana egge played after me with tony and jason– so rockin– i have got this real thing about ana’s voice like i’m always thirsty for it, for it and her songs, thirstythirstythirsty.

Straight To My Head [Download]
– Ana Egge

also on the bill, stars of track and field and the winterpills, they both sounded so good, the room was full of sound. then sean hayes, i had never heard him but he came highly recommended and in fact he blew my fucking mind. we all sat on the dirty floor of the club looking up at his little haunted face under his little hat. his acoustic guitar sounded, i could not think of another word, GLAZED. his voice too was glazed but with a different sweeter rougher glaze. i can’t remember a word he sang or what any one song was about but his poetry made perfect abstract sense and a couple of times i think i even pumped my fist for a killer line. it was like a trance, what he created. me i was charmed, my snake was charmed. finally i met matt the electrician.

Centuries – Stars Of Track And FieldBroken Arm – WinterpillsSame God [Download]
– Sean Hayes

the caritas soup kitchen. props to laura thomas and that great organization. flatstock convention, some really beautiful stark work, i was very taken by small stakes among other companies, i got to say though there is an emotional coldness to a lot of rock poster art, i dunno if it’s always been that way or if it’s a trend, but i don’t like it. saw bill kirchen at the continental club with ana and tony. i really came round to it and felt like dancing and did dance. i noticed tony is an exquisite human being. smell of meat out the back. dinner with southpaw jones and his lady friend, also exquisite. later my comrade danny schmidt at the hotel. i tried to nap on the floor before his set but the guard waked me and got me on my feet. danny is brilliant i hate for him to play in a hotel. then we rushed over to sixth for ron sexmith. i could watch and listen to him all night. he had a three-piece band behind him including jason mercer on bass. he sweated in a suit jacket. outside on sixth the people flowed like spawning fish. we went up on a balcony for a drink looking down on it all. a south austin party. ambitious to go to a party at that hour and soon i was cold and tired.

All In Good Time – Ron SexsmithDark Eyed Princes – Danny Schmidtsaturdaya long day for me of little engagements. finally the house show at jon and vanessa’s– such a delightful cast of comrades including DANNY SCHMIDT, NELS ANDREWS, AJ ROACH, KRIS DELMHORST, and SAM BAKER [Download]
. my heart was bursting. i cannot say enough. the workers in song!

This Too Shall Pass – Danny SchmidtSears And Roebuck Suit – AJ RoachJesse’s Mom – Nels AndrewsWe Go No More A Roving [Download]
– Kris Delmhorst

we rode in the back of a pickup with a silver flask. people waved from the side of the highway. to waterloo to see the band of heathens, band of my dear old friend colin brooks, who just won a big award. they are five men all very handsome singing man harmonies. i danced with an italian guy. in my enthusiasm i sang him a part of bella ciao, an italian political folksong. “this is a song against ze fascists” he said. “FUCK THE FASCISTS!” i cried and he echoed me “FUCK ZE FASCISTS.” i drank lone star. the night devolved a bit after that. though i will say aj roach and nels andrews are exquisite human beings. and colin too.

Bumblebee [Download]
– The Band Of Heathens

maybe it’s the people i was hanging with, like for example the righteous babe people, and a few others i met and got to know, but i will say overall i found many people who genuinely love music for all the right reasons and are in the industry as a means of getting the music to the people, and this was beautiful. i expected a much higher degree of sleaze and happily didn’t find it and i’m grateful for that, also inspired, what a lot of bright lights there are out there.
thanks for reading, xo, anais.”


Postcards From SXSW – Alela Diane and friends (Hella, Vashti Bunyan, Mariee Sioux, Matt Bauer, and Chromio)

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

Alela Diane tries to keep us informed of all the craziness at SXSW.The Rifle [Download]
– Alela Diane

“Tated Lace” video on KPSU

“Crazy times here at SXSW. Here are some tidbits of my journey thus far:

Been performing all over. Thursday I recorded a little podcast bit for the friendly dudes at Day Trotter, then straight to the Peacock Lounge for a Gorrilla vs. Bear day party with free Newcastle. During my afternoon wanders, I came across my home town friends in Hella, and we got some free ice cream.

The Ungrateful Dead [Download]
– Hella

It is the time of serious free everything…. In the evening, my dad, and good friend Mariee Sioux backed me up at The Leafy Green Showcase. The night was finished off when Mariee and I went over to The Presbeterian Chuch and cried our little eye balls out while Vashti Bunyan sang songs and told stories about writing them in such years as 1967.

On Friday, I started off at the beautiful historic grounds of the French Legation Museum for the Arthur day party. We pulled a band together out of thin air: Dad (Tom Menig) on mandolin, Matt Bauer on banjo, Mariee sang, and dads good friend Rich played stand up bass. We had never played together before – but pulled it off because all my friends are “pros.” Mariee, Matt and I hung around, and then wandered off and came across more free ice cream, which we gladly accepted.

We stumbled upon this crazy funk dude “Chromio” and then the crowd surfing “Panthers” where people were throwing full beers into the air and mouthing all the words… Dinner happened with dad, and I drove by a place called “Allens Boots” which I will most certainly go back to, as my boots have holes in them.

The night finished off with a Hella show at Maggie Maes, where Mariee and I danced like crazy people, and everyone else stood completely still. It was the first time we saw them performing with Aaron Ross as lead singer, who is a folk artist from Nevada City. We’d go watch him perform when we were in high school, and he is probably one of the reasons that we started writing songs in thefirst place. It is really nuts around here.”


Postcards From SXSW – Matt The Electrician Vs. Iggy Pop (review/mp3′s of Troy Campbell, Freddy Johnston, Ari Heist and Michelle Shocked)

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

(Photo of Freedy Johnston)

Matt The Electrician’s update on the goings on at SXSW on Friday.

“Friday, I Think, March 16th or I Am Awake!

It was cooler this morning, and windy, as though someone from up on high was saying, “Whoah, slow down you unruly heathens, put on a sweater and have a cup of coffee”….so, never one to ignore voices from on high, I did both post haste…..

I picked up my back-up singer, Seela, and we headed down to Opal Divine’s to play our first show of the day, a party In Honor Of The Chicago House….the Chicago House was a venue that was the singer/songwriter stronghold in Austin for many years, and actually closed it’s doors the month I moved here 11 years ago….so although I never played there, I was asked to play the party, the reasoning being that I would have played there if I could have…..we did a 30 minute set, and Seela did a math solo during one of the songs that was one of the most inspired math solos I’ve ever seen (I’m sorry, but I can’t accurately describe a math solo with words alone, there would have to be diagrams, and I can’t provide them here)…..Troy Campbell played after us, and he sounded great as per usual……

Killing Tim In Texas – Troy CampbellFamous [Download]
– Troy Campbell

we then headed downtown, with a stop at the battery store on the way (all of my equipment, pedals, chords and such, has been breaking down this week….is it a metaphor?…i don’t know)…..we saw a bit of Michelle Shocked, actually just one long note at the end of her last song, but it was powerful indeed….

Hardcore Hornography [Download]
– Michelle Shocked

then Freedy Johnston got up, and though he forgot some of the words to his songs, his voice alone just kills me, so it didn’t really matter….i plan on seeing him again on Saturday…….it’s always cool at SXSW, being able to see people like Freedy play a small bar during the afternoon, maybe 30 people there…..that’s not something you can do everyday……

Our next show was at Waterloo Ice House, which is right next door to Waterloo Records, where they have in-store performances all week long, and many big name acts….so, it turns out that our show started at the same time as Iggy and the Stooges were playing their in-store…..there were at least 1000 people waiting to get into the record store, so it was a bit insane to say the least…we played our set, nice crowd, no big whoop, and I didn’t even need to take off my shirt to entice people in……that seems like a small victory, but a victory nonetheless…..

After the insanity at the twin Waterloo establishments, I decided that an early night was in my immediate future…..i had some dinner with Seela, her husband Jon Greene (my drummer) and Ari Hest….

So Slow [Download]
– Ari Heist

Seela made swordfish shishkabob, and prawn salad….it was delicious, and we relaxed by the fire and related horrific touring experiences for awhile after that…..then I went home and watched the Sarah Silverman movie, Jesus is Magic with my wife….it was very funny, and I think I’m gonna ask Sarah to get me a record deal……”

Call me,