New Avett Brothers – DIe Die Die

One of the pluses about writing about music that generally now one has ever heard of is that their are few experts to correct you. Sure, people have heard about the Avett Brothers but on the whole they’re a very new and as yet undiscovered band. So when I say that I hear shades of Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison on their new record there are few around who can disagree.

At least iTunes agrees with me and instead of filing them under indie or country or folk they get the more obtuse genre tag of “unclassifiable”. I like the new album title too, the new record is called Emotionalism. Like a combo of emo and turntablism, strange. The first track, “Die Die Die”, is a fine example of the sound that I’m trying to describe. Layered yet simple. Romantic yet somehow down to earth. On first (and second) listen this sounds like a slight departure/evolution for the band. I can’t find a pre-order link yet but you can get this new release at the band’s upcoming shows.

Die Die Die [Download]

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3 Responses to “New Avett Brothers – DIe Die Die”

  1. James says:

    Love this band.

  2. Anonymous says:

    the cd will only be available at two shows, NYC and Philly I think. Those copies will have special artwork by Scott Avett ( It will be released nationally on May 15th.

  3. Mike says:

    very sweet. can’t wait to check it out. perfect for my radio show. thanks