Postcards From SXSW – Anais Mitchell (reviews/mp3′s from Stars of Track and Field, Ron Sexsmith, and Nels Andrews)

Anais Mitchell (here) gives us her poetic impressions of her time in Austin. Her new record, The Brightness, is out now on Righteous Babe, buy it here.

Cosmic American [Download]

Here’s her wondefull summary of the week:

“sunday morning comin down
impressions from sxsw.
my official set at momo’s and i was so excited about the rest of the bands on the bill that i spent the night there, a luxury really not to have to elbow around on sixth or anything. ana egge played after me with tony and jason– so rockin– i have got this real thing about ana’s voice like i’m always thirsty for it, for it and her songs, thirstythirstythirsty.

Straight To My Head [Download]
– Ana Egge

also on the bill, stars of track and field and the winterpills, they both sounded so good, the room was full of sound. then sean hayes, i had never heard him but he came highly recommended and in fact he blew my fucking mind. we all sat on the dirty floor of the club looking up at his little haunted face under his little hat. his acoustic guitar sounded, i could not think of another word, GLAZED. his voice too was glazed but with a different sweeter rougher glaze. i can’t remember a word he sang or what any one song was about but his poetry made perfect abstract sense and a couple of times i think i even pumped my fist for a killer line. it was like a trance, what he created. me i was charmed, my snake was charmed. finally i met matt the electrician.

Centuries – Stars Of Track And FieldBroken Arm – WinterpillsSame God [Download]
– Sean Hayes

the caritas soup kitchen. props to laura thomas and that great organization. flatstock convention, some really beautiful stark work, i was very taken by small stakes among other companies, i got to say though there is an emotional coldness to a lot of rock poster art, i dunno if it’s always been that way or if it’s a trend, but i don’t like it. saw bill kirchen at the continental club with ana and tony. i really came round to it and felt like dancing and did dance. i noticed tony is an exquisite human being. smell of meat out the back. dinner with southpaw jones and his lady friend, also exquisite. later my comrade danny schmidt at the hotel. i tried to nap on the floor before his set but the guard waked me and got me on my feet. danny is brilliant i hate for him to play in a hotel. then we rushed over to sixth for ron sexmith. i could watch and listen to him all night. he had a three-piece band behind him including jason mercer on bass. he sweated in a suit jacket. outside on sixth the people flowed like spawning fish. we went up on a balcony for a drink looking down on it all. a south austin party. ambitious to go to a party at that hour and soon i was cold and tired.

All In Good Time – Ron SexsmithDark Eyed Princes – Danny Schmidtsaturdaya long day for me of little engagements. finally the house show at jon and vanessa’s– such a delightful cast of comrades including DANNY SCHMIDT, NELS ANDREWS, AJ ROACH, KRIS DELMHORST, and SAM BAKER [Download]
. my heart was bursting. i cannot say enough. the workers in song!

This Too Shall Pass – Danny SchmidtSears And Roebuck Suit – AJ RoachJesse’s Mom – Nels AndrewsWe Go No More A Roving [Download]
– Kris Delmhorst

we rode in the back of a pickup with a silver flask. people waved from the side of the highway. to waterloo to see the band of heathens, band of my dear old friend colin brooks, who just won a big award. they are five men all very handsome singing man harmonies. i danced with an italian guy. in my enthusiasm i sang him a part of bella ciao, an italian political folksong. “this is a song against ze fascists” he said. “FUCK THE FASCISTS!” i cried and he echoed me “FUCK ZE FASCISTS.” i drank lone star. the night devolved a bit after that. though i will say aj roach and nels andrews are exquisite human beings. and colin too.

Bumblebee [Download]
– The Band Of Heathens

maybe it’s the people i was hanging with, like for example the righteous babe people, and a few others i met and got to know, but i will say overall i found many people who genuinely love music for all the right reasons and are in the industry as a means of getting the music to the people, and this was beautiful. i expected a much higher degree of sleaze and happily didn’t find it and i’m grateful for that, also inspired, what a lot of bright lights there are out there.
thanks for reading, xo, anais.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nce to see a fellow artist give a shout out to Sean Hayes: “…i had never heard him but he came highly recommended and in fact he blew my fucking mind.”
    I felt the exact same way seeing sean years back open for Jolie Holland. Four Sean Hayes Cd’s llater and I’m a bonafide Sean Hayes freak!

  2. Cee says:

    I fall a little bit more in love with Anais Michell’s voice everytime I hear it.