Postcards From SXSW – Matt The Electrician Vs. Iggy Pop (review/mp3′s of Troy Campbell, Freddy Johnston, Ari Heist and Michelle Shocked)

(Photo of Freedy Johnston)

Matt The Electrician’s update on the goings on at SXSW on Friday.

“Friday, I Think, March 16th or I Am Awake!

It was cooler this morning, and windy, as though someone from up on high was saying, “Whoah, slow down you unruly heathens, put on a sweater and have a cup of coffee”….so, never one to ignore voices from on high, I did both post haste…..

I picked up my back-up singer, Seela, and we headed down to Opal Divine’s to play our first show of the day, a party In Honor Of The Chicago House….the Chicago House was a venue that was the singer/songwriter stronghold in Austin for many years, and actually closed it’s doors the month I moved here 11 years ago….so although I never played there, I was asked to play the party, the reasoning being that I would have played there if I could have…..we did a 30 minute set, and Seela did a math solo during one of the songs that was one of the most inspired math solos I’ve ever seen (I’m sorry, but I can’t accurately describe a math solo with words alone, there would have to be diagrams, and I can’t provide them here)…..Troy Campbell played after us, and he sounded great as per usual……

Killing Tim In Texas – Troy CampbellFamous [Download]
– Troy Campbell

we then headed downtown, with a stop at the battery store on the way (all of my equipment, pedals, chords and such, has been breaking down this week….is it a metaphor?…i don’t know)…..we saw a bit of Michelle Shocked, actually just one long note at the end of her last song, but it was powerful indeed….

Hardcore Hornography [Download]
– Michelle Shocked

then Freedy Johnston got up, and though he forgot some of the words to his songs, his voice alone just kills me, so it didn’t really matter….i plan on seeing him again on Saturday…….it’s always cool at SXSW, being able to see people like Freedy play a small bar during the afternoon, maybe 30 people there…..that’s not something you can do everyday……

Our next show was at Waterloo Ice House, which is right next door to Waterloo Records, where they have in-store performances all week long, and many big name acts….so, it turns out that our show started at the same time as Iggy and the Stooges were playing their in-store…..there were at least 1000 people waiting to get into the record store, so it was a bit insane to say the least…we played our set, nice crowd, no big whoop, and I didn’t even need to take off my shirt to entice people in……that seems like a small victory, but a victory nonetheless…..

After the insanity at the twin Waterloo establishments, I decided that an early night was in my immediate future…..i had some dinner with Seela, her husband Jon Greene (my drummer) and Ari Hest….

So Slow [Download]
– Ari Heist

Seela made swordfish shishkabob, and prawn salad….it was delicious, and we relaxed by the fire and related horrific touring experiences for awhile after that…..then I went home and watched the Sarah Silverman movie, Jesus is Magic with my wife….it was very funny, and I think I’m gonna ask Sarah to get me a record deal……”

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