The circus cabaret of Vermillion Lies (riyl Ditty Bops, Tiny Tim)

Vermillion Lies combines many of my favorite things, including but not limited to: circus songs, flappers, and strippers (or the more pc term – burlesque dancers). I guess it should come as no surprise that this Californian duo has played with the Ditty Bops, Jason Wembly and Camper Van Beethoven, as they all share a love of campy music.

“No Good” has a retro jazz vibe with muted trumpet and equally muted early 1900′s jazz vocals. You can buy the new record, Seperated By Birth, here.

No Good [Download]

Video of Vermillion Lies first tour (sort of NSFW)


2 Responses to “The circus cabaret of Vermillion Lies (riyl Ditty Bops, Tiny Tim)”

  1. Hugh says:

    Very good song! For some reason, the songs you host on your webspace do not agree with my computer so I can only check it at school… but very nice. The vocals remind me a LOT of Squirrel Nut Zippers, which can only be a good thing.

  2. muruch says:

    Thanks for introducing me to the music of Vermillion Lies. I got their CD after your recommendation and just review it myself. Good stuff.