A song from John Prine’s new CD "Standard Songs For Average People" (Oh Boy, April 24) plus John Prine covers by Bright Eyes, Josh Ritter

John Prine should need no introduction, he shouldn’t need someone to put him in some kind of context, and he certainly shouldn’t be compared to any other singer-songwriter working today. The fact that this Grammy winning artist isn’t top of the Nashville pop charts is a cause for consternation. His new record won’t win him any more new converts but it (along with the DVD release of “Live On Soundstage 1980″) will cement his place in the pantheon of great American singer-songwriters.

Country great Mac Wiseman joins John Prine on this new record of standards performed as duets cleverly titled Standard Songs For Average People. Under Mac’s influence this may be as close to pure honky tonk as the genre blurring John Prine has ever come. The folks at John’s label, Oh Boy Records, are notoriously stingy when it comes to new media and that’s why I’m kinda proud to bring you this free and legal promo mp3 from the new record courtesy of the label and it’s pr company. You can preorder this April 24th release here.

Pistol Packin’ Mama (sorry I take it back, the Prine folks just changed their minds)

Apparently Josh Ritter is a big John Prine fan (what singer and writer wouldn’t be?). Thanks to the mp3 blog Born By the River here’s Josh covering “Daddy’s Little Pumpkin”.

Daddy’s Little Pumpkin [Download]

Here’s one of John Prine’s best songs, “Lake Marie”, performed in 2004 just after he had a good chuck of his neck removed along with a a small tumor followed by nine months of chemo. It’s one of the most “heroic” performances of any song you’ll ever see (all nine minutes of it!).

“Let’s Invite Them Over” (w/Iris Dement)

And for all the hipsters who still occasionally check in here. Bright Eyes covering the John Prine classic “Crazy As a Loon”. Listen for the amusing young hipster dialog at about the two minute mark, it’s classic. Hipster #1: “Crazy as a what?”, Hipster #2: “A loon.”, Hipster #1: “What’s that?”, Hipster #2: “I think it’s a person.”

John Prine explains the genesis of and performs “Angel From Montgomery” in front of an idyllic pastoral backdrop.


3 Responses to “A song from John Prine’s new CD "Standard Songs For Average People" (Oh Boy, April 24) plus John Prine covers by Bright Eyes, Josh Ritter”

  1. chjajones says:

    Thanks for the Prine – been a big fan since the days of The Earl- and saw him do a great show here in PDX last Friday – great duets with Mindy Smith, but Iris would have been better.
    Other great new folkie cds are the Tom Dundee memorial and retrospective cds (and the Dundee MySpace page) and the new Jimmy Ibbotson cd – also check out the song Sweeter Times from the Southern Tenant Farm Union (?) on MySpace.
    Keep it up, Chris (OPRFHS)

  2. Eli says:

    I saw John Prine years ago at the Beacon Theater in NYC. He played “Lake Marie” that night. I had never been so moved by a performance in my life. I knew the song, and recognized it when he started playing, but as the song continued, it became more and more powerful, absoultely spiritual. I’ll never forget it nor adequately explain it.

  3. Melissa says:

    I love John Prine. Seeing him live is unbelievable!

    Denny Brown is another favorite artist of mine who rocks it like John. http://cdbaby.com/cd/dennybrown3
    He’s been playing for years and plays with folks like Booker T!

    What do you guys think?