Cave Singers untitled demo (featuring members of Pretty Girls Make Graves)

How serious are the folks behind The Cave Singers (featuring former members of Pretty Girls Make Graves)? Deadly serious as the photo above illustrates. The band is still in demo form but has been flirting with Matador and creating sizable buzz in Seattle, especially for a band with such a downer sound. I’ve probably posted real freaky folk-blues only a handful of times on Songs:Illinois. After today it’s a handful + 1.

The Cave Singers inhabit the same world as the east coast band MV & EE and Bummer Road yet the peacefulness of the Northwest seems to inform their music. And if you haven’t experienced the laid back attitude of the entire NW than you probably can’t relate to this perspective. This could be the soundtrack to any number of dreary days in Seattle, Portland or Walla Walla. Here’s a demo (four more streaming tracks on their MySpace page).

Untitled Demo [Download]
(sometimes for whatever reason the streaming makes the songs sound like the Chipmunks on speed, this is one of those times, so don’t click onthe little blue arrow)


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    Loving the Lawrence week