Dana Falconberry Chicago Show Review (plus new music from Hallelujah The Hills)


I took my own advice and saw Dana Falconberry at Cal’s Bar last night. Cal’s is a hole in the wall, a shot and beer joint and proud of it. But around the edges music paraphernalia is starting to creep it’s way in. Tour posters, broken guitars, band stickers and assorted musical nicknacks adorn the walls. The stage is the cold barren cement floor. But the place is small, cozy, laid back and the sound is good (beers are cheap – $2.50).

I was surprised that Dana turned up as a trio for the night. Dana’s guitar and vocals were accompanied by beautiful harmonies and assorted percussion from two fellow Austinites (Erica and Gina). By percussion I mean stolen children’s toys, foot stomps and old battered coke cans squished along to the beat. Dana played songs from her new ep Paper Sailboat and newer songs she’s still working the kinks out of. After the band resolved some distortion/feedback issues they quickly found a grove. One of the standouts was the gypsy flavored “Leave In The Middle Of The Night”. Fan favorite “Sadie” was the closer. Anyway just wanted to let you know that a good time was had by all.

“Sadie” video


Also in a few months you’re going to be hearing a lot about Hallelujah The Hills’ new record on Misra/Absolutely Kosher. Try not to tune it out and pick up the record if you can. Misra has really hit it’s stride and found it’s niche with bands like Evangelicals, Shearwater, Flotation toy Warning and now Hallelujah. On many of the songs cello battles with guitar which are overtaken by soaring trumpets. Samples and electronic noise are added to the mix. And then Ryan Walsh’s lead vocals break though the clutter. I’m really impressed by this record. Their “fight song” is the one available download from the record, although their are some nice live and demo tracks up at their site. Here’s the self-titled fight song – “Hallelujah the Hills”.

Hallelujah The Hills [Download]

Wave Backwards to Massachuesetts (live)To All My Scientists Colleagues (demo)Slow Motion Records Broken At Brakneck Speeds [Download]


3 Responses to “Dana Falconberry Chicago Show Review (plus new music from Hallelujah The Hills)”

  1. Happy In Bag says:

    That Dana Falconberry video is amazing. But I never granted her permission to film it in my yard.

  2. Eric Z. says:

    I almost went to Cal’s on Saturday night – now I wish I’d gone.

  3. Eddie Davenport says:

    Hallelujah the Hills looks terrific. Nice find.