Ok Jones – "Elephantoms" (Lawrencemania pt. 1)

Two years ago I (and others) was all gungho for the Lawrence band OK Jones. Their album Push/Pull was unpretentious and well produced heartland rock. The song “Portable Heart” in particular was a great holdover `til the next Wilco album was released.

Now they’re back with their follow-up Elephantoms. The song “Electric Bed” goes in a slightly different direction with a few changes of pace, some serious dynamic changes and an off the wall chorus that’s more in line with the new breed of eclectic indie rock. Here it is:

Electric Bed [Download]

Bonus song from Elephantoms:

Old Rules [Download]


Portable Heart (I still love this song, Alexandra Patsavas [Download]
are u out there?!)


One Response to “Ok Jones – "Elephantoms" (Lawrencemania pt. 1)”

  1. Joel @ Postmodern Sounds says:

    I saw OK Jones open for BR549 in Kansas City a few years ago back when they were Richard Gintowt’s alt country Ghosty side project. They sure have changed their sound.