Richard Thompson’s "Sweet Warrior" (Shout Factory, May 29)

Richard Thompson’s done it all. In fact my college roommate had his guitar instruction cassettes of him teaching elaborate traditional folk fingerpicking. These pieces were amazing and should have been released on their own merit.

The only problem with Richard Thompson is whether or not his producer is going to muck it all up. His new record, Sweet Warrior, is co-produced by himself so I think he’s got the sound he was hoping for. On the first song released, the prog-folk “Needle and Thread”, the mix is layered, yet simple enough to let the song’s lyrics come though and still highlight the truly incredible musianship.

Sweet Warrior is out on May 29 on Shout Factory. Purchase it now here.

Needle and Thread [Download]


3 Responses to “Richard Thompson’s "Sweet Warrior" (Shout Factory, May 29)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just bought this today and am both stunned and reassured that RT is able to continue to generate music at such a level of quality year after year. There simply isn’t a bad song on it, and there are a whole lot of great ones. Bravo Mr. Thompson!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the best RT album in years. I was a fan of “The Old Kit Bag”, but haven’t heard much of the old RT in a long time.
    This is clearly a return to form in a “band” album. The current RT band is as strong as or stronger than his mid-’80s players, and RT’s play on this disc is clean, powerful, gives the listener plenty of great electric licks without ever reaching the point of guitar-solo burnout.
    Wonderful songs, great playing and tack-sharp production – great disc!

  3. Jake says:

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