The Only Children’s "Keeper Of Youth " (Lawrencemania Pt. 2)(Sidecho, May)

The Only Children is the Lawrence, KS band that got me on this little Lawrence jag. I was sent their new disc, Keeper Of Youth, and while I’d never heard of leader Josh Berwanger’s previous group, The Anniversary, I was compelled to listen by this description of the sound of the new disc from the bio:

“I wanted the songs to be fun, rock ‘n’ roll and back to the basics,” he says. “Something that drives me nuts about today’s music is how everything has to be so perfect. I wanted to do the opposite of that and do it how they did from where my influences came from, in the earlier days of the music.”

“It’s kind of a risk doing that because everyone’s used to everything being so polished,” Berwanger adds. “But emotion to me isn’t some guy singing perfect pitch, having recorded the same part 70 times.”

That’s the Songs:Illinois moto in a nutshell. The results on disc are fresh sounding, rough, balls-to-the-wall, 70′s rock `n’ roll. It’s a little bit like what the Deadstring Brothers are doing in Detroit or The Damnwells are doing out of NYC. It’s a sound that’s been perfected by musician/producer Eric Ambel and one that The Only Children got right. More info about this May release here.

Tired Of This Town [Download]

From their Glurp Records debut (slightly more alt-country)

The Girl With The Golden Hair [Download]


3 Responses to “The Only Children’s "Keeper Of Youth " (Lawrencemania Pt. 2)(Sidecho, May)”

  1. inmemoryofradio says:

    I recommend checking out The Anniversary’s ‘Her Majesty’ whatever you think of The Only Children. Every song on that album is a keeper.

  2. inmemoryofradio says:

    I’m sorry. The name of the Anniversary album is “Your Majesty”. It’s been years since I’ve heard anybody talk about them.

  3. Christiana says:

    You can watch The Only Children and The Anniversary at…