Austin’s Li’l Cap’n Travis prepare new cd for Glurp

With all of the talk of the upcoming Mendoza Line cd you’d hardly know that before Glurp Records unleashes that one on a now suspecting world they’ve got another trick up their sleeve. July will see the release of the new one from Austin’s Li’l Cap’n Travis. “Sugar Buzz” is as onomatopoeiatic as they come; the song just oozes sweet. The hanclapping, the buzzing and ringing guitars, and the line “your bubblegum lips make my eyes pop out like the eyes of a five year old kid in a candy store” create the aura of a near Wonka like experience.

Twilight On Sometimes Island will be released inJuly. More info here.

Sugar Buzz [Download]


4 Responses to “Austin’s Li’l Cap’n Travis prepare new cd for Glurp”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update. I cannot get enough of Lil’ Cap’n. Because they so rarely tour outside of Texas, I once flew from Seattle to Austin ostensibly to see some friends but, honestly, to see them play a show at the Continental Club. Even better, they are fantastic live.

  2. Happy In Bag says:

    Dang- that’s a hit!

  3. Natural Fool says:

    That’s good news. Thanks.

  4. MM says:

    I really like the version of SugarBuzz as played live in that opening scene of Friday Night Lights.