The Wildbirds rawk 70′s style

I’ve spread some ink talking about bands that revitalize that classic Stones sound of the 70′s. I think the Deadstring Brothers do it the best, but bands like The Other Ones and now the Wisconsin band The Wildbirds are hot on their heals.

One thing you need if you’re going to take a page out of the Rolling Stones’ book of rawk is to have a little swagger, The Wildbirds have that in spades. I was about to ask these guys to play a little show I’m putting together in Chicago when they got added to Jess Malin’s summer tour. Oh well, maybe next time (if they don’t explode/implode).

421 [Download]


Way Down Low [Download]

P.S. I just figured out the lead singer sounds a bit like the dude from Dramarama.
P.P.S. It’s my birthday
P.P.S.S. That Chicago show I refer to is July 6th at Cal’ Bar and will feature The Gunshy from Chicago, Ann Arbor’s Frontier Ruckus and Satellite 66.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Thanks for bringing such great music our way.