Weird (but beautiful) anti-folk from Andrew Phillip Tipton

(Editor’s note: this was meant to be a late night throw-away post. Then something happened. “Bunny Boroughs” kept popping up in a mix I created and I discovered that it’s a really great song.)

Andrew Phillip Tipton’s second group of anti-folk songs should hit the street some time in 2007. There was no pun intended because these songs do literally hit the streets (and sidewalks and subway tiles) since Andrew is a busker in NYC. His strange ideas about bunnies, reptiles and pumpkins are well suited to his odd strummings, silly little beats and the occasional cello or toy piano and his beyond humble manner (and I quote “I released a really bad record about a year ago, aptly titled, I’m A Mess…You can buy my last load of really crappy songs at CDBaby. They make really good coasters…”)

A.P.T. has two records planned for 2007. “Bunny Boroughs” will be one of the standout tracks from Champion of Love.

Bunny Boroughs [Download]

From last year’s cd I’m A Mess

Turn The Lights OnWaste [Download]


4 Responses to “Weird (but beautiful) anti-folk from Andrew Phillip Tipton”

  1. Greg says:

    Interesting tune (“Bunny Boroughs”). Thanks for posting.

    Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly does “anti-folk” mean? I’ve seen a number of rather diverse artists tagged with this and I can’t see any content to this label. But it seems to mean something, so I’d be grateful for any enlightenment. Many thanks!

  2. neil says:

    APT is wonderful. be sure to check out his fellow antifolkers, including my band, HUGGABROOMSTIK.

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