You Tube Saturday – Game Theory (plus mp3′s from The Loud Family)

Scott Miller’s voice is one of a kind. I can’t think of any other artist/band to compare him too. At the time that Game Theory was most popular, it was assumed that he was making some of the best pop to be found anywhere. It’s been two decades since the last Game Theory album and Scott has since formed the band The Loud Family which still records to this day. Here’s a couple mp3′s from the Loud Family archives:

Songs About “Rocks Off” [Download]

Backwards Century [Download]

Game Theory “Erica’s World”

Game Theory “Look Away”

Game Theory “24″ live with slideshow


3 Responses to “You Tube Saturday – Game Theory (plus mp3′s from The Loud Family)”

  1. Bruce says:

    I used to listen to Game Theory all the time. Thanks for reminding me how incredible they were….and for bringing them some nice blog love.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Plus for awhile they had Donnette Thayer, who probably was the most beautiful woman to ever appear in a rock band cranking out riffs on a guitar.


  3. gledwood says:

    Hi your pictures reminded me of some Lou Reed sites I was looking at yesterday… I just pressed “next blog” from mine and here you are! I do a music videos blog that you’re welcome to drop by if you like. See you there maybe … all the best 2u

    “Gledwood Vol 2″