More songs off of David Olney’s "One Tough Town" (Red Parlor Records, June 5)

You should probably know that for me David Olney can do no wrong. So take everything I write here with a grain or two of salt. Much like his folk music contemporary Greg Brown, David Olney has both a one-of-kind guitar style and a voice that’s to die for (if you like roots music). Usually his songwriting consists of fairly elaborate stories gussied up with choruses so that people can sing along. For David Olney the written word is sacrosanct.

These songs on One Tough Town (as I pointed out two months previous) are more scuzzy and bluesy than I’m used to hearing from David but like I said I’ll follow him anywhere. “Oh Yeah” not only draws from the Tom Waits musical notebook with tubas, muted trumpets and banjo, but also borrows liberally from Wait’s “Hang On St. Christopher” especially with the line “St. Christopher hangin’ on the mirror.”

The new record is out now on Red Parlor Records. You can buy it here.

Whistle BlowOh Yeah [Download]


One Response to “More songs off of David Olney’s "One Tough Town" (Red Parlor Records, June 5)”

  1. Acoustic in pAris says:

    No-one writes songs like Dave Olney, nd no-one sings Townes like Dave Olney. Plus Daeve is a friend of mine. And I sure am proud he is. Yessir!

    Herve in pAris