New Track From The Everybodyfields (Ramseur Records, August 21)

This may not be the image you’d associate with a bluegrass meets alt-country band but The Everybodyfields are not your average roots band. The Everybodyfields are back with a new record out on August 21. And they continue to confound with their snazzy web graphics, artsy photos and indie rock take on alt-country. I wrote about their last release about two years ago. They’re on Ramseur Records (home of Avett Brothers), so you know those dudes have good taste.

“Don’t Turn Away” is the first hint (I like the sound of that instead of leak) from the new record Nothing Is Okay. It’s use of traditional instrumentation combined with dissonant electric guitar feedback and modern themes are what set it and this group apart. You’ll be able to buy this release here soon.

Don’t Turn Away [Download]

Bonus tracks from Plague Of Dreams, the bands 2005 debut

TVABy Your Side [Download]

“TVA” live via YouTube


One Response to “New Track From The Everybodyfields (Ramseur Records, August 21)”

  1. W. Andrew Gibbens says:

    The song is called “Don’t Turn Around” not “Away” and only “Magazines” comes from Plague of Dreams. “TVA” is from the actual debut, “Halfway There: Electricity and the South.” Sorry, these are simply some friends of mine.