Seth Tiven (ex-Dumptruck) releases debut solo record "Solitude"

The song “Believe” starts out like a classic Dumptruck song from the late 80′s. That should come as no surprise since “Believe” is the lead-off track from Dumptruck’s leader Seth Tiven. Before label politics destroyed the band (there’s a pretty great article here about the bands battles with Big Time Records and Phonograph), Dumptruck had become one of my favorite bands of that entire decade. Their three pivotal albums (d is for Dumptruck, Positively Dumptuck, and for the Country) were each in their own way masterpieces of a marriage between noisy indie rock and spacey melancholy roots music.

At the time a lot of us had no idea how good Dumptruck really was, in fact I think that we took for them granted. I think that we didn’t realize that former members like Kirk Swan, Mark Mulcahy (Miracle Legion, Loud Family) and later Kevin Salem (solo artist/producer) just don’t grow on trees. The band was finally torn apart by major label shenanigans in the early 90′s. This year has been the year of Dumptruck however with a reunion show at SXSW (video of Dumptruck reunion at SXSW) and now this – Seth Tiven’s debut solo record Solitude. If you were a fan of Dumptrucks music than I can’t recommend Solitude highly enough. Buy Solitude here.

Believe [Download]

Bonus tracks from Dumptruck’s 1987′s sophomore release for the Country:

Brush Me BackFor The Country [Download]


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