Covers of Tom Wait’s "Coney Island Baby" and Silver Jews’ "Dallas"

I wrote about The Quavers here. I like their style. They just released a couple covers online. Here’s their take on and rationale behind their covers of the Silver Jews’ “Dallas” and Tom Wait’s “Coney Island Baby”

“I love the Silver Jews because David Berman reminds me of R. Kelly. And it’s not just their silky voices. It’s because whenever I hear the lyrics for the first time I always think: ‘you can’t be serious”. But he is. And a day later you’re singing along. Admit it. This one’s from the record The Natural Bridge. It’s got the line “how’d you turn a billion steers into buildings made of mirrors?” which pretty much sums up Dallas.”

Dallas [Download]

“Speaking of weddings, and New York, and Coney Island and buildings made of mirrors, here’s a song by Tom Waits that Catherine and I learned for friends of ours who were getting married last summer. They asked us to sing it at their wedding, so we did, and we recorded it too. I found it the other day and liked it, even though I sing like I’m wearing a suit. (In my defense, I was.) We dedicate this to Coney Island, which needs our help right now.”

Coney Island Baby [Download]


2 Responses to “Covers of Tom Wait’s "Coney Island Baby" and Silver Jews’ "Dallas"”

  1. hugo vogel says:

    hey Craig, The Mp3´s is this post are th esame. Both Dallas

  2. Craig says:

    thanks fixed